Six Instagram Accounts for Design Lovers

Sometimes the “Explore” section of your Instagram just doesn’t get you. You want new design, but instead you’re getting friends-of-friends at the beach. Fear not! We’re compiled some of our favorite design-focused accounts.

Instagram is a visual medium, and as such it has attracted some of the most talented designers, and curators of design, around. Some accounts simply share pretty or interesting things, others really delve into the history or craftsmanship of the objects showcased. Either way, our aesthetic itch is getting a good scratch.

Here are the accounts we go to when we need design inspiration:

List Marker: Number 1Alice Rawsthorn

Design writer Alice Rawsthorn has, perhaps, the most pure design-oriented feed imaginable. Part design history, part thematic-exploration, Rawsthorn’s feed never fails to deliver interesting, beautiful and thoughtful images as well as captions. If you’re looking to learn more about design, designers, and how the history of design fits into your daily life, check her out! We also recommend her book Hello World: Where Design Meets Life. Her latest book, Design as an Attitude, comes out in 2018.


List Marker: Number 2Design*Sponge

Beloved blogger and author Grace Bonney runs the inspiring Design*Sponge account. In addition to glimpses of her daily life (including two adorable pups) and work, you’ll see gorgeous curated content from her much-used hashtags like #dscolor and #dsfloral; a great way to find new and exciting accounts.


List Marker: Number 3Design Milk

One of the biggest design websites in the world, Design Milk also boasts an impressive, fun instagram account. Stay up-to-date on the latest design collaborations, collections and innovations. You can also check out their more specific accounts @designmilkeveryday, @designmilktravels, @adornmilk and @dogmilk (showcasing dogs and design, of course).


List Marker: Number 4Bungalow5

Danish design blogger Allan Torp heads up Bungalow5, one of the best platforms around for news on Danish design, as well as great visuals. He travels a fair bit, finding minimalist, well-designed spaces spaces around the world.


List Marker: Number 5Sayhito_

Say Hi To is a Paris-based instagram account and online magazine that showcases up-and-coming design talent from all over the world, from ceramics to graphic design to furniture. This is definitely one to watch if you like to be in-the-know.


List Marker: Number 6Visualgraphc

Love graphic design, branding, typography and packaging? Then this account will really do it for you. A daily dose of visual inspiration from some of the coolest graphic artists around. They also have a tumblr, if you’re into that kind of thing.


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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.