Sleek and Stylish: Swedish Men’s Shoes from Vagabond

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What are the men’s shoe styles that every wardrobe needs? Boots, sneakers, and professional shoes usually top the list. But even those classic styles are changing for the better. Men’s shoes may have a reputation as straightforward, even boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As fashion moves in a gender fluid direction, the line between men’s and women’s shoes has blurred; anyone can wear any style of shoe.

Particularly in professional and occasion-based settings, however, there are a few men’s shoe styles that many men feel are essential to have in the rotation. That doesn’t mean, however, that the shoes need be colorless, minimalist, or traditional. In fact, there’s plenty of fun to go round in men’s shoes. Luckily, Swedish brand Vagabond Shoemakers has some excellent options.

In addition to the design, all of Vagabond’s shoes have chrome-free tanned leather insoles. The brand’s position as shoemakers means that craftsmanship is always front-of-mind, even when it comes to casual items like sneakers.

These are the best men’s shoe styles, from leisure to professional looks:

List Marker: Number 1Men’s boots

Men’s boots usually come in two styles: the Chelsea boot and the lace-up boot. Vagabond makes a great selection of both options.

Vagabond’s Chelsea boots come in leather and suede variations, and are available flat or with a heel. From chunky to sleek versions, the classic silhouette can be worn to fit a number of styles.

Parker Desert Boot

This classic lace-up desert boot has a stacked heel and clean lines, making it easy to wear in both casual and professional settings. The soft suede body and thick sole make for a comfortable every day shoe.


List Marker: Number 2Men’s sneakers

Sneakers are always two things: functional and comfortable. But Vagabond’s options are also playful, and that’s just as important when it comes to choosing an every day, but still fashionable shoe.

Vagabond makes classic, minimalist sneakers that could even be office-appropriate in casual or creative work environments. They also make more fashion-forward styles and silhouettes inspired by running shoes, which are chunkier and fall into the “athleisure” category.

John Sneaker


A thick-soled sneaker with a fashion-forward silhouette, this shoe is versatile and comfortable. The layered leather adds a slightly retro look that adds a touch of playfulness.


List Marker: Number 3Men’s professional shoes

These shoes can be worn to the office, to evening events, or as every day shoes if you’re looking for something a bit more sleek. The colors and materials tend to be conservative, mostly in suede and leather, in tones like black and cognac.


The Derby and Oxford shoes are classic and will be in your wardrobe for years to come. The particular designs are modern and slim, for a stylish look that’s still easy to wear.

Parker Derby


Pretty much the perfect shoe: wear it to work, wear it out, wear it on casual days. The textured suede and minimalism form a nice contrast that keeps it endlessly fresh.

Loafers are a slightly more casual take on the professional shoe, but still wearable in the office. It’s less of an evening shoe, but as social mores around fashion change, almost any style of shoe can be worn at any time! So why not wear a loafer to a party?

Mario Loafer

With a rounded moc-toe and supple suede body, this shoe is the ultimate in comfort and casual style.

Vagabond’s men’s shoes are classic and top quality. They fill the needs of a general wardrobe with ease, comfort, and timeless elegance; the hallmarks of a Scandinavian wardrobe.

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