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Smell the Icelandic Landscape

Why use perfume? Wearing a scent says: I want people to know I’m here before they see me or hear me. I want to linger in the room after I’m gone. I want people to remember me. A strong scent can be polarizing; while few people would tell you if they don’t like your lipstick or hair gel, the general public seems emboldened to speak if they disapprove of your fragrance. But wearing a bold perfume can be incredibly empowering, perhaps even more so if it’s not universally beloved.

Icelandic artist and perfumer Andrea Maack knows all about complex, evocative fragrance. Her unisex scents often recall the raw landscape of Iceland with notes of wood and musk. Her latest work is layered and complicated, with heavy notes all the way through.

Introducing Birch and Coven, two new fragrances from Andrea Maack:


Imagine walking through the woods after the rain, when the water droplets still sit on the tree bark. The smell of damp leaves and smoke-tinged air. This is a scent that leans towards the masculine with its strong patchouli and musk heart, but the end note of pink pepper is just enough zing to save it from feeling too thick.


Top Notes

Bergamont, Ginger                        


Guaiac, Cypriot, Patchouli, Musk

End Notes

Pink Pepper



What an incredible perfume. The way it opens, with an almost repellant metallic soil note, quickly gives way to a lush Oak Moss that wraps you up in its warmth. This is the Iceland of fairies and wood nymphs, the Iceland that haunts the imagination of and rides on backs of wild ponies. The word “Coven” evokes the supernatural, powerful women and harnessing the elements. While the fragrance does begin with a wildness, it eventually fades into something velvety and comfortable that wears all day on the skin.


Top Notes

Galbanum, Clove                        


Cedar Wood, Oak Moss

End Notes


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Landscape photographs by Anna Maggý.

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