Stay on the (Very) Cool Side of the Pillow with Nufferton

Not to be a creep, but what do you look like when you sleep? Pretty tired, I bet. Pretty and tired! Sleepwear isn’t something we give much headspace because the majority of the time we’re wearing it, we’re not conscious. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw on any old thing. Isn’t there something delicious about falling asleep in really comfortable, cosy pyjamas? Like good bedding, good sleepwear makes the experience better.

Nufferton understands this, and they also like having a good time. Their playful range of pyjama sets reflects that mindset, and their products are making us excited for bed.

We spoke with Co-Founder and Managing Director Adam Lindberg about good sleep and even better sleepwear:

Tell us about the inspiration for Nufferton

The inspiration for Nufferton has changed over time and is, in a sense, ever-evolving – which it should be. In terms of the original inspiration behind the brand, its tonality and visual identity – it has its roots in many things – from stuff like Scandinavian design and Japanese workwear to more lateral inspiration such as art and film.


Why sleepwear? What is it about sleepwear, or sleep in general, that inspires you?

The pyjama is a garment that is easily forgotten, but that everyone finds absolutely amazing when discovering it. In many ways it is also the ideal outlet for creativity, playfulness and imagination. A canvas the size of an entire outfit, yet one of few fashion items that are unpretentious enough to have fun with. Combined with the fact that all three of us founders are total slackers we felt the urge to create the ideal uniform for our unambitious lifestyles.



What can you say about the journey so far and what’s next for your brand?

I come from the most overwhelming 18 months of my life. We’ve got a massive response by our customers and the press, been fortunate to work with many of our favourite creatives and created a bunch of fun stuff. At the same time I realise the most overwhelming 18 months of our lives are likely ahead of us. Everyday is more important than the previous one and as creators of this company, there’s no limit to what we can invest in terms of time and devotion.

Although we are complete slackers who wear pyjamas at the office, there’s no doubt we’re aiming high. Our train has just left the station and started to pick up speed and with our first investor on board since earlier this year, our plan is to expand our net of stockists in the European and US market as of next fall.


Tell us about your sourcing practices. Where do the materials you use come from, and how have you come to find those sources?

It was crucial for us to keep all parts of our supply chain in Europe as a means to ensure the best quality and working conditions, as well as shortening our lead times and increasing flexibility in design. We treat our pyjamas as pieces of art. Every inch is carefully designed and made by what we consider some of the best producers in Europe. It took us a while to find suppliers that fitted these requirements but now that we have them, we have a perfectly lean supply chain that allows us to experiment endlessly.


Explain the design process and how you came to your specific aesthetic. Who do you have in mind when designing?

I would guess our design process differs a bit from that of other lifestyle brands. Since we’re working with very few garments, we’re using our imagination mostly through the alteration of colours, patterns and fabrics that we apply to the few styles that we have. Our sessions usually ends up looking like something you would expect from your average LSD-trip.


What is your perception of Scandinavian style or aesthetic and 11. Do you believe Nufferton fits into this aesthetic? Why or why not?

Minimalism and simplicity is definitely our heritage. Just add a bit of colour to that!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.