Style & Safety: Bike Helmets You’ll Love

It would be understandable to assume that most bicycle-riders in Scandinavian cities don’t wear helmets. The visual of the laid-back cyclists, bouquet of brown paper-wrapped flowers in the front basket and hair streaming in the wind is an appealing one. In Copenhagen, the percentage of helmet-wearers has been estimated at between 11 – 27% of the cycling population.

While wearing a helmet is a personal choice (unless you live in a city where it’s mandated by law), in cities without safe cycling infrastructure it is strongly advisable to do so as head injuries cause of the majority of cycling-related fatalities.

Here are our favorite stylish and cool bike helmets to keep you looking food while staying safe:

List Marker: Number 1Hövding Inflatable Airbag Helmet

Known as the “airbag for cyclists,” the Hövding is an inflatable head cover that reacts based on sensors within the hood. The sensors have been programmed to react to movement patterns that indicate a cycling accident. Research shows that the Hövding protects areas of the head and neck that other helmets cannot. There are also some reports of it inflating without an accident, and it obviously can’t react to impact that would not necessitate head movement, such as something falling from above. Still, this is a great option for people who don’t want to wear a helmet but would like an extra layer of security. The airbag pouch is black with the option of a few covers if you’d like to change your airbag helmet look.



List Marker: Number 2Closca Fuga Helmet

One of the complaints people have about helmets is that they’re hard to carry around when they’re not being worn. Closca has taken care of that by creating a helmet that folds down to 50% of its size without compromising on safety (the helmet cannot retract while being worn). In addition, the Fuga is sleek with a small visor and the option of a warm ear cover.

Closca Design Helmet copyclosca helmet


List Marker: Number 3Brooks Island Bike Helmet

Clean, classic and full-coverage, this helmet by Brooks England is a throwback to old fashioned motorcycle helmets and pilot caps.

Brooks Helmet 2Brooks Helmet



List Marker: Number 4Ribcap Björk Teddy

Ribcaps serve the same function as helmets but are slightly different; rather than a hard shell, they’re soft with laminated, shock absorbing plastic sewn into various points around the head. We love this one because it’s made of wool, with a soft fleecy outer layer, making it perfect for winter.

Bjork Teddy Ribcap Stylish HelmetBjork Teddy Ribcap Stylish Helmet 2


List Marker: Number 5Thousand Premium Helmet in Stay Gold

Were Ponyboy to truly stay gold, this is the helmet he would need. With a motorcycle trim, leather straps and a fabulous shimmer (hey, not everything has to be monochrome), this is one stylish piece of headgear.

Thousand Gold Premium Helmet copy 22Thousand Gold Premium Helmet copy



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