The Best Design of Stockholm Creative Edition 2021

Autumn in Scandinavia is starting with a bang thanks to the launch of Stockholm Creative Edition. From 23-29 of September 2021, Stockholm Creative Edition partnered with Visit Stockholm in conjunction with PR masterminds Grand Relations to launch a platform for the stars of Swedish design and gastronomy. After nearly two years of social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, coming face-to-face with designers and their works was truly inspiring.

During the launch of Stockholm Creative Edition, we saw some incredible examples of contemporary Swedish design, including designers look towards circularity.

Here’s the best of what we saw during Stockholm Creative Edition:

List Marker: Number 1Bolon Woven Vinyl Flooring

There’s a world beneath your feet. Have you seen it? Bolon has. From huge museums to carpets beneath a living room coffee table, Bolon is there. Design is about how you live and experience your life, and sister-owners Annica nor Marie Eklund know it includes more than just what meets the eye. Curious about the world beneath your feet? Bolon asks us to look with bespoke, circular, and woven vinyl floor designs.




List Marker: Number 2Tarkett Circular Design

“Circular Design” and “sustainability” have become buzzwords. It’s hard to make products, eat a vegetable, or even buy shampoo without seeing these words flash across boxes, banners, and bottles. But many designers still take these words seriously and pursue the ethical and environmental elements that make the words honest.



This is precisely what Tarkett has accomplished with precision, humility, and a deep understanding of how to effectively change a business model.

Present in over 100 countries around the globe, Tarkett specializes in circular flooring design for houses, schools, healthcare facilities, retail and hospitality facilities, and sports venues. Remember all those old carpets in your school; you know, the tacky ones? Tarkett remembers and uses them. With creativity as their sword and science as their shield, Tarkett developed a chemical solution to remove the adhesive from fabric and process it into granules. Thanks to this process, beautiful floor art comes to life without harmful CO2 emissions.



Tarkett shows us that circular design is possible, but honesty is necessary. Realizing they were backed into a corner with marketing buzzwords, Tarkett changed their whole approach with their process for adhesive removal leading the way.


List Marker: Number 3Designers Gustav Winsth and Teresa Lundmark Collaborate with Gärsnäs

Minimalism is great but show us how you really feel!

Minimalist interiors have become synonymous with Scandinavian interior design, regardless of a history that includes pattern, color, and maximalist tendencies in Swedish design.

We are left with a pressing question: is there a place for minimalism to brush against the explorative side of maximalist design within Scandinavia?

The designs of Gustav Winsth and Teresa Lundmark stand as an eloquent “yes” to this question.



The two designers have developed a prototype daybed called “DAG,” in collaboration with Swedish furniture brand Gärsnäs.

Inspired by puffer jackets, the prototype took three months to build and is intended for rest in private or public spaces. The wood and cushion components are separable, allowing for simple storage.



This design is a wonderful example of modern Swedish design: innovative, collaborative, playful, and sustainability- focused. It exemplifies the best of what we saw this year at Stockholm Creative Edition, and why this is such an exciting new festival.



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