The Best Minimalist Plus-Size Clothing Brands

Is it possible to find chic, minimalist, high-quality and affordable clothes in every size? Until recently, the market seemed to be mostly ignoring those beyond a size 12 US. “Plus size” is usually considered size 14 US and up, although that definition isn’t set in stone). That was a major mistake, as 2017 saw the plus-size or curvy fashion industry bring in 21.4 billion dollars (and compare that to 17.4 billion in 2013).

As the industry continues to expand to include more sizes, so does the offerings of styles. There are now a number of brands that focus on producing fashion-forward, sleek, and minimalist ranges.

These are the minimalist, trendy, and affordable plus size clothing brands we love:

List Marker: Number 1Universal Standard

Launched in 2015 in New York City by two friends, Universal Standard started as an eight piece collection that sold out almost immediately. The two female founders knew they were on to something special, and their incredibly chic, essentials-with-a-twist collection continues to grow. They fit US sizes 6 – 32 (European sizes 38 – 62) . Their styles include professional and every day wear, activewear, and a host of wardrobe basics kits that save time and money.


Universal Standard




List Marker: Number 2M.M. La Fleur

American retailer MM.Lafleur is all about making women’s lives easier and more fashionable. They cater to all ages, styles, and shapes; it’s no surprise that they’ve added plus size pieces to their collection. It’s professional-wear that looks good anywhere, and the clothes will last, both in terms of quality and design. Their sizes go up to 3X.


M.M. La Fleur



List Marker: Number 3ASOS Curve

Powerhouse online fashion retailer has an entire design category for plus-size or “curvy” men and women. Many of the “ASOS Curve” clothes are the same designs as their “straight-size” clothes, while others are unique designs. They’ve got a great range of professional-wear, active wear, underwear, beachwear, jeans, and so much more. Essentially: if you want to wear it, ASOS Curve probably has it.


ASOS Curve




List Marker: Number 4And Comfort

And Comfort believes that getting dressed in the morning should be a joy, and it should be easy – with a few beloved, high-quality, beautiful pieces in your wardrobe. The clothes from And Comfort are classic and minimalist, made with premium materials and priced well. Their sizes run from US 10 – 28 (European 40 – 58).


And Comfort



List Marker: Number 5Van Der Nag

Berlin-based Van Der Nag makes timeless and sustainable garments with a focus on slow fashion, ethical production, and classic silhouettes. They are only available online or in their flagship store in Berlin. Their clothes run from US size 12 – 18 (European 42 – 48). If you’re looking for high-quality pieces, this is the brand for you.


Van Der Nag




List Marker: Number 6Coverstory

Curated online retailer Coverstory is based in New York City. Think of them as a Need Supply for US sizes 10 – 28 (European 40 – 58). They have an excellent range of the coolest plus-size brands, all in one online shop so you can do less searching. This is truly market-changing!





List Marker: Number 7Nör Denmark

If you’re looking for clothes in the deconstructed or avant garde aesthetic, Nör Denmark has what you need! Their clothes come in a range of sizes: there’s Nör Denmark’s original collection, which goes up to size US 16 (European 46), and the N+ collection, which goes up to size 3X. The pieces are funky, asymmetrical, and theatrical.


Nör Denmark




List Marker: Number 8See Rose Go

Cool and casual is the name of the game for USA-based online retailer See Rose Go. Their small collection of clothes includes wardrobe staples like a track pant, shirt dress, tee-shirt, and leggings. Part of their range is available in technologically advanced material “Cool Rose,” which stretches easily but breathes easily, pulls moisture from the body, and doesn’t pill. Their clothes are US sizes 14 – 24 (European 44 – 54).


See Rose Go



List Marker: Number 9Premme

Founded by fashion industry icons Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason, Premme is all about being trendy and fashion-forward no matter what your size. Their clothes run the spectrum from minimalist and sleek to colorful, patterned, and fun. Their sizes run from US 12 – 32 (European 42 – 60).


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