The Only Sandals You’ll Need This Summer

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As summer rolls around and we pull our feet out of winter boots for the first time in months, our minds start wandering to the footwear made possible by warmer weather – that’s right, open-toe season has begun and today we’re talking sport sandals.

Sport sandals first stepped out of hiking trails and into fashion magazines last year, as the craze for “dad shoes” spilled out of trainers and into the rest of the world. It’s a trend that’s going nowhere, as comfort, practicality, and style are a triple threat hard to say goodbye to.

The utilitarian nature of the sport sandal is part of the appeal: sport is anything but a misnomer, as these are shoes designed to be active. Why do you think they’ve gotten a reputation as a tourist shoe? They make traipsing around a city as easy as shuffling around the house in slippers.



Of course, once an item reaches this level of popularity and the upper echelons of the industry, its practicality can be removed in favor of media-friendly catwalk details – take Gucci’s blinged-out version for example. It can be tricky to strike the balance between actually comfortable and actually stylish – not everyone can make their local camping shop look good – but Vagabond has managed it with their latest collection.

Swedish fashion brand Vagabond Shoemakers – always a champion of contemporary trends, referential design, and genuine comfort – was one of the first to introduce the sport sandal trend in 2019. Their refreshed 90s-inspired range for Spring/Summer 2020 has foundations in the sports world, as chunky sandals feature elaborate soles that wouldn’t look out of place on a TN Air Max while paying homage to the “dad shoe” with Velcro toe straps and adjustable ankles.

The collection walks the fine line between practical footwear and high fashion effortlessly, in part thanks to Vagabond’s excellent craftsmanship and quality materials. As always true of all shoes from Vagabond, all leather parts against bare skin are made in chrome-free tanned leather. In addition, the sandals are made in other sustainable materials like recycled polyester. These sandals sit at the intersection of trend and timeless, as Vagabond brings its insight of shoemaking into contemporary styles yet again and creates something meant to last.

Whether you’re after a tourist shoe, something fit for a hiking trail, or a box-fresh pair that will be the envy of every sneakerhead, Vagabond has a sandal for you.



These are the best sport sandals to buy from Vagabond right now:

List Marker: Number 1The Essy

A limited-edition sports sandal featuring a platform sole that adds height without compromising comfort. The ESSY comes in two colorways: a sleek black and white version that gives a modern edge, or a sophisticated cream and rust pair that elevates any outfit with its cool cappuccino character.


List Marker: Number 2The Lori

An absolute staple that adds instant edge to an everyday outfit. Available with 3-way ankle and toe straps for an iconic sandal, or with an added foot bar for a deconstructed trainer look. They come in a wide variety of colors, from neutrals to uber-cool black, so there’s no outfit that won’t work with them.


List Marker: Number 3The Dioon

Pure nostalgia in a shoe. These super chunky platform sandals remind us of our 90s school uniforms in the best possible way. Available in a school-shoe black, a chalky white, a graffiti-bright sunset ombré, or a pastel neon ready for a rave.


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