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The Perfect Cup of Koppi

Whether you’re visiting the charming café in the heart of Helsingborg, Sweden, or purchasing one of their eight varieties of beans online, Koppi provides your perfect cup of Coffee.

On a Saturday morning, the café is a mix of to-go customers and people in the seating area socializing with friends, or catching up on work. It’s a vibrant atmosphere all built around the Koppi taste.

Swedish Barista Champions Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand founded Koppi in 2007. Together, they perfected their craft, turning it into the internationally renown name that it is today.

Anne and Charles coffee career started about twelve years ago, working with coffee part-time while they were in university. In 2005, Charles won the Swedish Barista Championship and was offered a job at a roasting company in Oslo, Norway. The following year, Anne won the same title (underachieving couple, right?).

Both then moved to Oslo to begin their coffee careers full-time. After two years in Oslo, they received a call from Niklas Ekstedt – chef and owner of Restaurang Ekstedt in Stockholm. He told them that his restaurant space in Helsingborg was for sale. Anne and Charles had to act fast if they wanted to open Koppi; they signed the contract for the space within two weeks. While the decision of the café happened extremely fast, Anne says, “The idea was born a long time ago. We wanted to create our own thing but didn’t know where and when it would happen. ”

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Eight years into the business, Koppi is established as a popular brand due to their flavorful beans, roasted at the back of the flagship cafe.

Behind the taste and texture of Koppi coffee is an in-depth process that brings out the highest quality beans. “The process of buying coffee is easier now compared to when we started,” says Anne. “We are continuously looking for unique and complex coffees that showcase the absolute best of their origin.”

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A distinct element in the production of Koppi is the relationships they have built with their producers.

“We have established relationships with five producers in Costa Rica that we have been visiting for the past six years. They’re hardworking, quality-focused and aware of what it takes to produce amazing coffee and always striving to make it better. We visit them every year to spend time with the families, see their progress at the farms and choose what micro-lots to buy,” says Anne.

Anne goes on to say that Koppi’s latest project is to build the same long-term relationships in Colombia as they have in Costa Rica.

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Expectations for the expansion of Koppi are big, with a shop opening in November 2016 in the brand new Malmö Saluhall. Koppi will also continue to maintain their international reputation, with 90% of their sales being in from their international market. “We work with amazing businesses all over Europe and in the US,” says Anne. “We’re trying to think of it in the same way we buy green coffee, working with passionate people that we trust and that share our thoughts on quality.”

To buy Koppi beans online visit their webshop.

Koppi Coffee Roasters

Norra Storgatan 16
252 20 Helsingborg

Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat 10:00am – 4:00pm
Sun Closed


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