The Perfect Statement Earring from Norwegian Studio Mold Atelier

Founded in 2018 by Linda Christiansen and Mikal Strøm, Oslo-based Mold Atelier is a full service creative studio that does everything from art direction to brand consulting. They also design products, most notably their gorgeous, sculptural earrings.

Rendered in brass, Mold Atelier’s earrings are both light and make a statement. Linda, a designer and stylist, makes all the jewelry by hand in the studio. She began creating pieces for herself in 2017. Friends started requesting them, so Linda began producing more. She named the earring designs from the first collection after important people in her life; finding ways that the shapes remind her of their personalities.

The second collection, “Stones Collection,” was inspired by Linda and Mikal’s road trip through the American Great Basin Desert, where nature has shaped the topography into shapes that seem to challenge gravity.


The earrings are made of .15 mm brass sheets. They’re incredibly thin and sleek. “The earrings are really time consuming to make,” Mikal explains, “so we’re working towards finding other solutions. At the moment, we don’t have stock – each order is custom-made. We’re exploring having the shapes laser-cut, which would make things much easier. But that’s all in the future! For now, the earrings are handmade.”

But the making of the jewelry is just the beginning. “The brass is polished matte. It has a life of its own and develops this really nice patina due to oxidation. So the jewelry is not only long lasting, but it changes over time,” Mikal explains. If, however, you’d like your jewelry to go back to its original shine, just wash it gently in soapy, warm water.


It’s the sculptural aspect of the earrings that are most interesting. They’re both on-trend and timeless. Their most popular pair, called “Two Stones,” looks like jewelry designed by Barbara Hepworth: visually weighty, yet somehow otherworldly.

If you’re looking for that perfect pair of statement earrings, these will look good for a lifetime.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.