The White Room: ALIUM Gallery in Frederiksberg

ALIUM, meaning different or unlike others in Latin, could not be a more perfect name for Copenhagen’s latest multifaceted art gallery. Based next to Frederiksberg City hall, the space showcases a curated collection of rotating artworks and unique objects from a handpicked selection of artists in a totally unique way.

The name reflects the fundamental ethos underpinning the gallery, as it blurs the lines between art, design, and interiors to provide an experience that extends beyond that of a traditional gallery. The space itself looks more like a living room than a museum, as contemporary artwork is displayed around sofas, coffee tables, and chairs. In fact, it can be difficult figuring out which pieces are the art and which are the interiors, as everything blends so seamlessly together.

By breaking down the barriers between home living and conceptual art, a renewed potential is found in the ability to bring art into people’s homes.

The gallery represents a mix of upcoming and established artists, with a current selection consisting of works from; Anne Nowak, Amanda Betz, Carsten Beck, Annette Hallbäck, Linda Weimann, Noa Noon Gammelgaard, Sofia Tufvasson, Rebecca Hein, Malene Birger.

Take a tour of ALIUM gallery:

Above: ALLIUM Gallery. Styling by Tine Daring. Photography by Emil Monty Freddie.




Above: ALIUM Gallery and founder Thomas Nissen; Photography by Sofie Staunsager



Above: Rebecca Hein Together Collection No. 2


Clockwise from top left: Julia Hallström ‘Hjort Paths’, Lucrecia Rey Caro ‘Ahora’, Leise Dich Abrahamsen ‘Mock Up No. 1’, Berit Mogensen Lopez ‘Lines’


Alium Gallery

Frederiksberg Bredegade 1
2000 Denmark.

Visits by appointment or invitation only.
Feel free to email [email protected]

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