The White Room: Caitlin Wylde’s Studio

When I contacted Caitlin Wylde about her studio in Echo Park, California, she framed her answers to my questions by focusing on her studio as a creative space rather than the product of painstaking decoration. Her studio is a product of her artistic spirit and her love of creating textured pieces, layered with textile and natural elements. The personal, authetnic quality of her studio shines through in all these photos.

Scandinavian interiors have evolved from a connection to the seasons and nature. Pale, painted rooms with bleached floors reflect as much light as possible and are a godsend during long, dark winters. Although Caitlin’s studio isn’t in Scandinavia, it shares a set of characteristics with Scandinavian interiors: white walls, natural elements and broad windows to capture the light.

We love examining the influence of Scandinavian design on an international scale; we hope that Caitlin’s studio inspires you as much as it did us!

Questionnaire Caitlin Wylde - Scandinavia Standard 2


1aHow do you describe your studio?

It’s filled with art and things from friends, family and stuff I’ve made or found.


2aWhat inspired you to create this interior for your studio?

I don’t really think of it in terms of interior design. I don’t really think in those terms of decorating and decor and have been trying to get away from that kind of thing. I hope that doesn’t sound rude, I just think more in terms of creative spaces and making art. I guess I think of my home as an extension of my art, it’s changes and shifts with what I find and or a beautiful object someone may give me.


3aWhich element is your favourite?

Some of my favorite things are things I’ve found in nature, a tiny clay jellyfish my friend’s daughter made, a carved angel head from my grandpa’s place in England, my pets.


4aDo you consider your interior Scandinavian?

I don’t think of my place as Scandinavian although I love that style.


5aWhat single item has been your biggest indulgence?

My biggest indulgence is not in my home but a van I might buy in the next week to haul my crazy finds back home in. Large logs, hunks of metal, bunches of rope and things of that sort.


6aWhere do you most like to find and source pieces for your home?

And as for finding things, that is always a mystery, it could be something left on the side of the road, at a garage sale at a friends store, Individual Medley and Nickey Kehoe are two great places in LA that I love.

Scandinavia Standard | THE WHITE ROOM - Caitlin Wylde's Studio

See Caitlin’s work here.

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