The White Room: Guld & Løvenholdt’s Amager Studio

What would mid-century modern furniture look like if you put it in the jungle? This important question has finally been answered by Anders and Kasper of Guld & Løvenholdt, the woodwork and design studio based in Amager, Copenhagen. Launched in 2012, the company produces their own pieces as well as custom work for restaurants and other commercial spaces.

Their furniture collection, which is a contemporary take on classic silhouettes, is the stuff Scandi dreams are made of. Strong German Oak, thick, colourful textile and sleek lines belie a surprisingly modern take on the way furniture should fit into a space.

“We are obviously inspired by the greats of Danish design – people like Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl.” Anders Guld explains, “but also making something of our own, that is new in both the look and the idea.”

The Amager collection, which includes a dining table, coffee table, lounge chair, sofa and more, has the thread of the self-named “Amagerangle.” This is an angle that appears in every piece of furniture and which brings a visual harmony when the pieces are viewed together.

Luckily, you can view them together at their Amager studio. In addition to a love of great design, the men both love plants. Their studio is practically a greenhouse, with seedlings and hanging plants as far as the eye can see.

Though the studio is an attic space with a low ceiling, Anders and Casper have made it feel…not exactly big, but as though the space never ends. A secret garden, or maze. There are nooks, crannies and corners to discover as you wander through the studio, and the best discovery of all is when the sun hits one of their chairs or sofas just right and for a moment you might as well be sitting amongst the tree tops somewhere along the Equator.

Take a tour of Guld & Løvenholdt’s plant and furniture-filled studio:


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Rebecca Thandi Norman

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