The White Room: Maja Brix & Lærke Andersen’s Studio/Store in Copenhagen

There’s something so fascinating about a space that’s both a designer’s studio as well as their shopfront. To be able to see the whole design process in one place is a treat, and one that is becoming more and more popular in cities where space is at a premium (so, many cities).

Fashion designers Maja Brix and Lærke Andersen opened Butik 71 in 2016. With office/studio space to either side and a boutique in the middle, all separated by two sets of heavy red velvet curtains, this is a space that both invites browsing and encourages creativity.

Brix and Andersen have opened up the shop space to a few select brands and say they’ll continue to find new items to make the store special. For what is a relatively small area, it’s been laid out in a way that makes it feel airy and spacious. In addition to their design work and the clothes for sale, there are a few select art pieces found around the shop.

Take a tour of Butik 71 to see what it’s like to fit a fashion design studio and store in the same space:

Photography by Freya McOmish

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Freya McOmish

Freya McOmish is a co-founder and Creative Director at Scandinavia Standard. Half Danish, half Australian. Background in law, film and philosophy.