The White Room: Miriam & Morten’s Nordvest Apartment

When you mix floor-to-ceiling windows (!), open space living, a lot of plants and a focus on Mid-Century Modern-style Danish furniture, the result is a cosy, artistic apartment that reflects the vintage-meets-current personalities of its inhabitants. Miriam, an Austalian post-doc in Law at University of Lund, Morten, a Danish graphic designer, Abi, their daughter and Claude the grey cat have made this their home.

Miriam describes her personal style as “obsessed with Danish furniture, but also in love with the French/Italian aesthetic. So there’s florals, patterns and lots of decorative pieces. I grew up in house with lots of objects on display – that’s the Dutch style (Miriam’s mother is Dutch) – and lots of books. I really enjoy art on the wall and I like to surround myself with things that have sentimental value,” but concedes that Morten “subscribes to the Danish minimalist look. He likes a blank canvas and a clean style. I….disrupted that!” She laughs. They’ll soon be moving to a house on Amager as they expand their family, so we got in at the last minute.

“My favorite part of this apartment is the bookshelf system Morten and I built together. Unfortunately we can’t take the shelves with us to the new house, so that’s something I’ll have to let go.” As for her favorite new purchase, its the Hans Wegner CH25 chair, a design classic that Miriam has been wanting for years.

“Morten’s favorite is the orange couch, which I also love.” Miriam pauses, looking around. “When you have a chid, you have to make it more child-friendly, which means that you can’t have things like big, breakable vases on the floor. Everything needs to be sturdy.” It’s something they’ve accomplished with enviable lightness of touch.

Join us for a tour of their apartment!

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Photos by Freya McOmish.

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