The White Room: Sissel & Matt’s Vanløse Apartment

Ever wonder what’s inside those cute back houses in Copenhagen? Here’s your chance to find out! This baghus in Vanløse was once a stable but has been converted by Matt and Sissel into a space that they describe as “optimistically minimalistic.”

Sissel is from southern Denmark and has a background in furniture carpentry. She also blogs at Say Sissel. Matt is an music and sports photographer from England. Together, they share a passion for curating pieces in their space; collecting secondhand designer bargains at flea markets, IKEA shopping and a lot of DIY. The couple regular find simple pieces in cheaper stores like Tiger, IKEA and of course Søstrene Grene, which so many Danes swear by for bargain decorating. Other favourite vintage furniture was discovered on dba, Lauritz, and Trendsales.

There’s more than meets the eye to this beautiful pad. It’s clear that Sissel and Matt not only love interiors, but truly believe in the idea that objects in the home are a way of democratizing art; an idea professed by Bruno Munari in Design As Art:

“When the objects we use every day and the surroundings we live in have become in themselves a work of art, then we shall be able to say that we have achieved a balanced life.” – Bruno Munari

Each piece in the house has its own unique beauty and was made thoughtfully. Sissel explains, “We believe that as a young couple it is good to find cheap and budget-friendly solutions. By making an effort you can make your home look put-together and unique.”

Explore their fantastic baghus here:

sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0536 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0727
sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0716 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0529
sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0485 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0667
sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0496 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0771
sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0776 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0711
sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0740 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0741
sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0521 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0750
sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0732 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0447
white Componibili plastic Kartell side table sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0636
sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0814 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0831
sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0795 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0794
sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0557 sissel-matts-vanlose-apartment-0865

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