The White Room: The Nordstrøm Family’s Køge House

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Photographer and filmmaker Morten Nordstrøm, his wife, CFO in the Danish television industry Siri Nordstrøm, and their three kids moved to their house in 2017. Located in Køge, just 30 minutes from the Copenhagen, the house had so many of the things Morten and his family wanted; namely, of course, space.

“The house is very close to the center of Køge, and the beach, the forest, the kids’ school. It’s basically in the heart of everything. In terms of the house itself, we wanted beautiful floors, high ceilings, and a garden,” Morten explains.

He says that they wanted to create a home that was functional and would continue to appeal to them aesthetically for years to come, noting: “We choose a color scheme that is kind of neutral, because then we’d be less inclined to tire of it quickly.”

Morten and Siri compromise when it comes to personal style in order to create their ideal space, he says. “Siri has classic taste in many ways, and I tend to like quirky things. So, some things I have chosen because I really love those things. Other times, she chooses because she she knows that if I got to choose, she would hate it!” he laughs.

Their stunning home, filled with Danish design and pieces collected during their travels, tells the story of their lives.

Take a look inside the Nordstrøm family home:


Moroccan Rug

Morten says, “The rug is from Marrakech, Morocco. We spent two days walking around the rug shops, just looking at them and trying to imagine how would they look in our new home.”

“Then we found this rug. We were really fascinated by how the colors pop, but still very low key. These greens and pinks, and then this very strong fantastic blue. We wondered, could this fit in our kitchen, because the space is long and narrow? Luckily, it did. I’m very happy that we have this beautiful piece in the house, and also that it has this great story.”



Handmade Mugs

“I love that these are unique pieces. You get all these amazing layers of orange and blue and gray. For me, it’s like a night sky. And then when you have your coffee, you see it with the white of the cappuccino foam or brown, milky, liquid. It’s just perfect.”


Louis Poulsen PH Lamp

“I like to have pieces where I know the history or the background of the design, or designer. It’s not like I look at the lamp every morning and think: be like Poul Henningsen today! But surrounding myself with things that have both a functional and aesthetic element just makes sense to me.”



SONOS Roam Speaker

“I remember sitting in front of the speaker as a child in my mom’s living room, being completely sucked into what was playing. I listen to music all day, every day. If I’m not listening to my favorite music, I’m probably searching for the next release that fits into one of my playlists. How I listen to music hasn’t changed since moving to a bigger place, except for the need for more speakers! Living in a larger place can be a challenge, if you’d like music to be played equally well in all rooms. I love how well SONOS solves this problem,” Morten explains.

He continues, “The Roam speaker has been a really nice addition to our collection due to its compactness and versatility. It surprised me how much great sound a small speaker can actually able to produce. On top of that, it looks good and seamlessly fits into our home, which is also an important factor when choosing speakers.”



&Tradition Dining Table

“We recently got the table from &Tradition. Having a solid dining table with room for the whole family and guests, and having it be something that you can use for your whole life, is really special. Getting wood into the room really changed it a lot; the natural material looks so good with the chairs and the space.”



Faye Toogood Roly Poly Chair

“We stayed in an apartment in Spain, which was designed by a Swedish designer and a local Spanish guy. They had this chair and all of us, especially the kids, thought it was so fantastic. We knew we wanted something like that in our home! It’s a funny piece of furniture.”



Vintage Glass Shade Lamp

“We brought this lamp from our old place, and when we were renovating we asked, should we keep that? In my mind, it’s not necessarily the most perfect or prettiest piece. But the story behind it is that when my wife and I were about 20 years old, we went to a flea market as part of a summer vacation.”

“We had zero money, but we needed a lamp – we had a physical need for more light in our living room. We found this one for cheap at the market. So when we were deciding what to keep and what to get rid of when we moved, Siri said: I need this lamp in my life. I want to still have this lamp in 20 years, because that’s part of our story and where we came from.”



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Photography by Freya McOmish.

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