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Do you know many special-ops-soldiers-turned-clothing-designers? I don’t, but maybe you do. Maybe there’s a whole lot of them out there and I’m just not hip to the news. But something tells me Anders Lorentzen fills a very specific niche.

After working in the Danish Special Operations Forces for seven years, Anders found himself back in Copenhagen. “In the military, you get really geeky about your equipment and clothing. Everything is made to be used hard, so the quality is really good. I knew I wanted to provide that to more people,” Anders says.

It’s also something he knew people outside the armed forces would want. “Athletes in particular are always looking for the next, better thing,” he explains. So rather than create a typical cotton shirt, Anders went for something a little bit heavier. All LOOW shirts are made with 100% merino wool (sourced from New Zealand) and are made in a factory in Jutland, Denmark.

Loow Merano Wool T-shirt Close Up | Scandinavia Standard.jpg

Due to the fabric, the shirts drape beautifully and are worn slightly closer to the body than with cotton or other blends. It’s a long-lasting, durable piece of clothing that compliments every wardrobe; who doesn’t need a t-shirt? “I call it off-duty athletic-wear,” Anders explains, “because you can really dress it up or wear it in a more sporty way.”

Though the product looks and feels luxurious, they are priced fairly, starting at 399 DKK. That’s not exactly cheap for a t-shirt, but it’s incredibly inexpensive for a locally-made wool item. Anders plans to keep prices low by selling only through the website (and yes, they do ship internationally).

Next up for the brand: wool and gortex jackets. If LOOW can make outerwear that can handle the Danish winter, count us in.

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