Treat Yourself: Kurhotel Skodsborg & The Restaurant by Kroun

Denmark is not the least expensive place to treat yourself to a day – or even an hour – of luxury. So why not maximize the experience when you can? Kurhotel Skodsborg right on the west coast of Sjælland is easily accessible on the train and hosts a beautiful hotel facility as well as an extensive fitness centre, spa, rooftop terrace, brasserie and the gourmet Restaurant by Kroun.

Feel ready to give yourself a present? Here’s what we recommend:

The Spa

Though you can choose from a range of treatments at the spa, the best way to spend a full day is a pass to the thermal baths (500 DKK). There, you’ll be outfitted with a fluffy robe and slippers, and given access to light-filled, steamy rooms where you can slip in and out of various kinds of baths, enjoying each for as long as you like. You get access to the spa when you purchase a treatment of 50 minutes or above; so if you purchase a classic massage or facial for 750 DKK, you a value of 1250 DKK for much less. That’s great value for your money!

In the thermal spa there are 16 different areas – some hot, some cold – and each has a specific focus. There’s the salt cave, the soft sauna, the hot sauna, foot bath…the list goes on. There’s even a fun if somewhat baffling room where you can experience water sprays in various heats and streams that are meant to evoke the Scandinavian seasons (I didn’t really get it and just walked in circles, but it was very refreshing).

A visit to the thermal spa is something you can do alone. I saw plenty of people with books or magazines. There were also friends, couples and even larger groups walking around together. It would be a great thing to do for a relaxed birthday party or other special event, but I think it’s best-used by someone who simply wants to treat him or herself to a day of de-stressing. It’s just a wonderful and laid-back way to really take some time and pay attention to your body and breathing. I left feeling stretched, clean and like my skin was going to melt into the furniture.

This would also be such a good gift.

A day pass for the spa: 500 DKK / 750 including a “bath rituals” skincare kit
A ten visit pass is 3000 DKK
Booking in advance is recommended

Skodsborg 45
Skodsborg Spa Collage | Scandinavia Standard
Skodsborg Spa Collage 2 | Scandinavia Standard


The Restaurant by Kroun

After you’ve tired yourself out with a long day of lounging in the thermal spas, you’ll probably be hungry. If you’re in the mood for something spectacular, Restaurant by Kroun won’t disappoint you.

Though there’s definitely a New Nordic vibe here, it’s more about seasonality and impeccable, surprising flavor combinations. Our evening there was a gift of leisure and extravagance, but also incredible satisfying. Among my favorite dishes was the lumpfish roe with potato puré, the cod with butter sauce and roe, the sheep milk sorbet with caramel and tarragon, and the jerusalem artichoke with hazelnuts and malt.

The staff was knowledgable (especially in regards to wine! And their selection was pretty unreal) and cheerfully made substitutions when asked. Every dish was presented and explained, as well as beautifully plated. Though it’s a bit outside of Copenhagen, the sea-salt air and charming coast line make this a great choice for a dinner that will really put you in another state of mind.

The menu has three variations: 700 DKK for five courses, 900 DKK for eight courses and 2000 DKK for a “full on” menu, which includes eight courses, wine pairing (the glasses are generous, trust me), mineral water, starting snacks, petit fours and coffee or tea.

The Restaurant by Kroun is open Thurs – Sat, 6:30 – 11:00 pm. Reservation essential.

Skodsborg Restaurant
Kurhotel Skodsborg Restaurant by Kroun | Scandinavia Standard
Kurhotel Skodsborg Restaurant by Kroun | Scandinavia Standard 2
Kurhotel Skodsborg Restaurant by Kroun | Scandinavia Standard 3
Kurhotel Skodsborg Restaurant by Kroun | Scandinavia Standard 4
Kurhotel Skodsborg Restaurant by Kroun | Scandinavia Standard 5
Kurhotel Skodsborg Restaurant by Kroun | Scandinavia Standard 6
Kurhotel Skodsborg Restaurant by Kroun | Scandinavia Standard 7

Do you have a favorite place to treat yourself in Denmark? Let us know about it in the comments!

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