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Nestled in the unspoiled nature of the Lule River valley in Lapland, northern Sweden, Treehotel is about as close to living in a tree as one could hope to get. Founded in 2010 by local couple Kent Lindvall and Britta Jonsson-Lindvall, the hotel is a totally unique overnight experience, one that combines stunning, untouched nature with modern architecture. The Jonsson-Lindvalls were already running a simple bed & breakfast in their hometown of Harads when Kent met three of Sweden’s top architects on a fishing trip in Russia.

Made up of seven treehouses, each totally different from one another, Treehotel offers guests the chance to sleep high above the ground with an incredible 360 degree forest view. The various rooms are each a feat of creativity and technical expertise.

Mirrorcube, designed in 2010 by Stockholm-based architecture firm Tham & Videgård, is perhaps the most famous of the rooms. A 4x4x4 square metre cube covered in reflective glass, Mirrorcube melts into the trees and sky, mirroring the landscape. Inside is a minimalist birch wood room that sleeps two adults.


Some of the Treehotels rooms are made to blend into the landscape, like Mirrorcube and Bird’s Nest, a room that sleeps up to four people covered in large branches that looks like the nest of an extremely large bird. Bird’s Nest is designed in 2010 by Swedish architecture firm Indredningsgruppen.

Other rooms stand out from nature in an almost comic way: the UFO and Blue Cone (it’s actually red, but the reason why is a mystery) make a major statement on the outside, while maintaining the sleek Scandinavian minimalist interior of all the other spaces.

The latest tree house room, The 7th Room, was designed by Norwegian super-architects Snøhetta, who also designed the Oslo Opera House. It is the largest of the rooms, sleeping up to five people.



The incredible completeness of each space is most perhaps most fully realised with The 7th Room, which has an image of the trees on the underside of the treehouse, creating an all-encompassing view from any angle. The space has multiple levels, including a patio with a partial netting floor; the live pine trees grow through the netting. The overall effect is one where indoor and outdoor are blended.

In addition to their fantastic rooms, Treehotel offers a buffet breakfast in their guest house. They assist guests in finding the best local experiences, including great local food, horse riding, skiing, and beer tasting.

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Photographs by Freya McOmish

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