What’s On in Copenhagen: September 2022

Please make sure to follow Denmark’s current COVID-19 guidelines (find them here), as they may change between the time this calendar is published and when an event takes place.

At the time of publishing, there are no COVID restrictions in Denmark.


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As the last days of summer shake hands with the arrival of autumn, people begin to go back to work after their vacations and students start the new semester, it’s the time of new beginnings. But it’s also time to say good bye to the long warm days of summer. If the sun comes out, Copenhageners are gathering everywhere – from street corners to outside seatings, soaking up all the vitamin D they can get before winter takes over.

While the locals are settling back into their daily routines, the event calendar is filled to the brim with new exhibitions, film screenings, parties, conferences, and more, providing a variety of opportunities for recreation for Copenhageners and visitors alike.

Here are the best events in Copenhagen this month:

Tuesday 30th August – Friday 9th September

Zulu Comedy Festival

Have a laugh at ZULU Comedy Festival! There’ll be a variety of events – find the full program on the website.



Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th September

The Sailing Circus: Ripples

With “Sailing Circus’, Acting for Climate Scandinavia, The Hawala Project, and Festival Norpas are sailing across the Baltic Sea in order to inspire people to act for a more sustainable future. In Copenhagen, they’ll perform at Ofelia Plads. Combining performing arts and environmental activism, the performance ‘Ripples’ will be played on decks, and high up in the rig and masts of the sail ship Swallow from 1926.  With extreme acrobatics all the way up to the top of the 20 meters high masts, the ship as stage, a world-class international team of artists, and a soundscape blending in voices of climate activists all around the world, Ripples is a one of a kind performance. Find the times for the different performances on the website. Entrance is free.


Friday 2nd – Monday 5th September

Lights on Vesterbro

Celebrate one of Copenhagen’s most vibrant neighborhoods: local entrepreneurs, cafés, restaurants, shops, and more will be creating a variety of events so bring your friends and enjoy Vesterbro’s community spirit.



Friday 2nd – Sunday 18th September

Golden Days: Queens

Under the headline “Queens,” this year’s edition of “Golden Days” is all about women, gender, and power. Through a variety of events, the festival puts the spotlight on the (often overlooked) queens that have shaped history in art, sports, philosophy, science, and more. Learn more on the festival website.


Saturday 3rd September

Debut Fest at Huset KBH

Huset KBH celebrates the release of a variety of artists who are having their exhibition debut.


Come by and get a taste of Copenhagen’s up and coming art scene, including Canadian street photographer Eric Sandstrom’s project ‘Danish Summer’, an exploration of his first summer in Denmark. The event is free. Learn more on the website.



Wednesday 7th – Sunday 11th September

Syrian Doc Days at Cinemateket

Documentary film festival ‘Syrian Doc Days’ aims to raise awareness of the situation in Syria by translating its complexity into films that make it concrete and understandable. The festival also has a focus on interaction: there will be the opportunity to meet the directors and producers behind the documentaries as well as talks, debates, concerts, and more. Learn more and find the program on the website.


Sunday 11th September

Danish on a Sunday: It’s not over yet

At retirement home Dagmarsminde, the team is foregoing specific dementia diagnoses or medicine in favor of a new kind of treatment inspired by the methods that Florence Nightingale introduced 150 years ago – hugs, touch, talking, humor, eye contact, and the joy of community are the prescription. The film is screened at 2:15 pm with English subtitles.



Grønt Marked Vesterbro

Popular Grønt Marked, Vesterbro edition! Browse local delicacies every second Sunday of the month all through November. From 10 am to 3 pm.


Tuesday 13th – Friday 23rd September

Music Film Festival at Cinemateket

11 days, 33 films, and 100% sound: Music Film Festival is bringing you the best films about the music universe, from Woodstock to PJ Harvey to Prince. Learn more on the website.



Wednesday 14th – Thursday 15th September

Tech BBQ

One of the most popular tech conferences is back with a new location, Lokomotivværkstedet. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, journalist, or simply a tech enthusiast, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to learn and connect. Can’t make it to Copenhagen? There’ll also be the option to join online via the Event App. Learn more and get your ticket on the website.


Wednesday 14th – Sunday 18th September

Copenhagen Theatre Circle: The Queen’s New Border

Copenhagen Theatre Circle is presenting its autumn production “The Queen’s New Border,” the premiere of an original play written by Alun Thomas. Telling the story of absurd and chaotic construction of border controls, the play explores universal themes such as love and deception. The shows will be in English and tickets are available for 160 DKK via the website.



Wednesday 14th September

The Caribbean Housewife Roast

The Caribbean Housewife says goodbye to summer with a bang! For one-time-only you can enjoy a five course menu with Housewife classics and new creations for the price of four courses. Bookings fill up fast, so reserve as soon as possible. The dinner will be 18:00 – 22:00.


Thursday 15th – Friday 16th September

Arabian Nights at Cinemateket

Get up close with Arabic culture when, for example, Tunisian, Palestinian, or Moroccan films are screened along with food and music. A key theme is the female perspective on the changes that different societies have undergone over the recent years. Learn more and find the program on the website.



Thursday 15th September

Stella at Ideal Bar

In 2021, Stella released her debut single “Modern Girl Poetry,” a Neo-soul rock combination that reminds of British stars like Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone. Now she’s coming to Vega’s Ideal Bar. Doors open at 7 pm and the concert starts at 8 pm. Tickets cost 150 DKK.


Saturday 17th September

Astronomy on Tap at Huset KBH’s Stardust

Dive into the world of astronomy in this free series aiming at making the latest research accessible for the public. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the event starts at 7:30 pm.



Monday 19th September

Sons of the East at Lille Vega

Australian indie folk trio ‘Sons of the East’ are coming to Lille Vega. Drawing inspiration from a variety of artists such as Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Fleetwood Mac, and The Kinks, the three guys from the beaches near Sydney have been making waves internationally over the last years. Join for the show – doors open at 8 pm and the concert starts at 9 pm. Tickets cost 230 DKK.


Friday 23rd – Saturday 24th September

International Citizen Days

Newly arrived in the city or still getting settled? International Citizen Days bring together public authorities, private organizations, and local communities for two days of inspiration and information on practical aspects such as housing, jobs, and social life in Copenhagen. The event is free and takes place on two different locations over two days. Learn more via the website.



Wednesday 28th – Thursday 29th September

Design Matters

Get nerdy about the latest news on important issues such as UX/UI, innovation, tech, and sustainability: Design Matters will bring on stage a global and interdisciplinary network of experts to discuss design and dive into design practices from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. Can’t join in Copenhagen? Visit the video platform Design Matters + in order to access live streams and recordings of the conference. Find the full program and get your ticket via the website.


Ongoing in September

Paul Gauguin and the Danish connection at Glyptoteket

Displayed in The Small Salon, this exhibition casts the spotlight on French artist Paul Gauguin’s residence in Copenhagen, from November 1884 to May 1885. The focal point of the exhibition is the newly acquired painting “La neige à Copenhague” (Snow in Copenhagen). Completed in 1884, it was created while Gauguin and his wife Mette lived in a ground-floor flat at 105, Gl. Kongevej.



Dorothy Iannone at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Freedom, free love, liberated sexuality, and the ecstatic union with the other are central themes in Dorothy Iannone’s autobiographical and erotic images. Since the 1960s, the artist (born in 1933) has been creating paintings, drawings, books, video sculptures, and more which often resemble graphic novels. The exhibition will be on display until 11th September.


“Flower Power” by Marina Adams at Von Bartha Gallery

See the bold, bright canvases of American artist Marina Adams on display at the charming Von Bartha Gallery, nestled in Carlsberg Byen. Marina’s work is inspired by the flora and fauna surrounding her studios in Parma, Italy, and New York, USA. The vibrance of the colors will keep you feeling warm, even as the weather cools down.


The Ideal City 2040 at SPACE10

The Ideal City 2040 is a new interactive installation that visualizes how cities can tackle the climate crisis with solutions that also enrich quality of life. Through binoculars, visitors view three speculative cities, illustrated by three artists. It is now open to the public in the SPACE10 Gallery and will run through Spring 2023. The Gallery is open Monday-Thursday from 1-5pm, and the last Saturday of the month, and is free of charge.

Illustration — Manshen Lo


Forensic Architecture at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The fifth exhibition of Louisiana’s series “The Architect’s Studio” presents Forensic Architecture, an interdisciplinary research agency, based at Goldsmiths, University of London. Working in the intersection of architecture, law, journalism, human rights, and the environment, Forensic Architecture investigates conflicts and crimes around the world.

The goal is to solve crimes against civilians by analyzing architecture and landscapes. Working with grassroots activists, international NGOs and media organizations, the Forensic team carries out investigations on behalf of people affected by political conflict, police brutality, border regimes, and environmental violence.

The exhibition will be on display until 23rd October 2022.



Lee Lozano: The Ultimate Metaphor is a Mirror at Kunstforeningen GL Strand

One of the pioneers on New York’s experimental art scene in the 1960s, Lee Lozano rose to international recognition for the energy of her works, her daring figures, and her investigation of the body as well as related issues of gender. The exhibition will be on display from 17th September until 13th November.


Svend Sømod: Resonance and Harmony at Kunstforeningen GL Strand

Young Danish artist Svend Sømod (born 1992) is particularly interested in translating theoretical mathematical information into aesthetic sensory form. The exhibition ‘Resonance and Harmony’ consists of two audiovisual installations that take their point of departure in algorithm-based compositions created by Svend Sømod and produce a kind of music. Experience this exhibition from 17th September until 13th November.



Alex Da Corte: Mr Remember at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Working in the intersection between design and visual culture, Alex Da Corte conquers space with color. Louisiana presents the first in-depth exhibition of the Venezuelan-American artist’s work in Europe. A mix of early and new works is exhibited while specially designed floors, brightly colored walls, neon lights, and characteristic scents create the feeling of a parallel reality. The exhibition will be on display until 8th January.


Post-Capital: Art and the Economics of the Digital Age

The catalyst system is both, dependent on and threatened by technological progress. Taking this inherent paradox as a starting point, ‘Post-Capital’ brings together works of sculpture, painting, photography, video, and performance that address the nature of production, consumption, and wealth. The exhibition will be on display from 17th September until 15th January.



Connections – Danish artists from Ex-Yugoslavia at Statens Museum for Kunst

Experience leading Danish artists with Yugoslavian backgrounds explore topics such as war, migration, asylum politics, and the feeling of home. In 2022, exactly 30 years have passed since Denmark received 20,000 refugees from the wars in the former federate country of Yugoslavia, primarily from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the 1990s, the wars sent over half a million people into exile, creating what was at the time the most challenging refugee situation in Europe since World War II.

Many of those refugees subsequently chose to stay in Denmark, and today the Danish contemporary art scene includes several prominent artists from the former Yugoslavia. For this exhibition, SMK is bringing together political and deeply personal works by seven of them. It will be on display from 17th September until 19th February.


Public art on Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads: Oak Stacks by Sean Scully

In connection with the new exhibition at Thorvaldsens Museum, Irish-American artist Sean Scully has created three wood towers which have been installed just outside the museum on Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads. The art work references both, Denmark’s history as a seafaring nation as well as Thorvaldsens return from Italy to Copenhagen in 1838.

The towers have been created from local oak trees and wood found during archeological excavations on Papirøen where it has been part of its fundament.

Combine your stroll along the canals with some world class art – the sculpture will be on display until March 2023.



Sean Scully ar Thorvaldsens Museum

World-renowned artist Sean Scully is taking over Thorvaldsen’s Museum, utilizing the museum in its entirety. In his first ever Danish solo-show, Scully is creating large-scale, site-specific sculptures specifically for the museum, working with the interaction of architecture, colors, and the surroundings of Thorvaldens Museum. The exhibition will be on display from 2nd September to 5th March 2023.


The future is present at Design Museum Denmark

Under the headline “The future is present“, Design Museum Denmark explores the role of design in shaping the future. Following the three themes Human, Society, and Planet+, the exhibition asks questions, proposes scenarios, and shows examples while putting a focus on creating conversations rather than providing concrete answers. It will be on display until 1st June 2023.



Family tour at The Royal Theatre

On selected Saturdays and Sundays, the Royal Ballet opens its doors for the entire family. Pull back the curtain and experience the magical world of ballet and opera. The tour is suitable for children from four to 12 years and takes 75 minutes. Tickets are available from 60 DKK.


The Happiness Museum

Learn more about well-being and the good life as well as why the Nordics regularly rank among the happiest countries in the world. The Happiness Museum has been created by the Happiness Research Institute, a think tank focusing on wellbeing, happiness, and quality of life. Swing by every Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Fancy an in-depth read about the topic? In The Little Book of Hygge, Happiness Research Institute’s CEO Meik Wiking introduces you to this cornerstone of Danish culture and gives tips on how to incorporate it into your own life.



New Carlsberg Glyptotek Concerts

Experience a curated program of concerts among the Roman statues of Glyototeket. Every Sunday from 12 noon to 1 pm. Tickets cost 180 DKK and include entry to the museum throughout the day.



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