What’s On in Reykjavik: July 2019

We are thrilled to welcome the Reykjavik calendar to our line up of guides to what is happening across Scandinavia! This month, Reykjavík is ringing in the Fringe season – a fantastic festival highlighting a multitude of art forms and creative performances. Lykke Li is coming to town, as well as numerous other fun, fabulous, spiritual, and weird Icelandic happenings. July is that juicy month right in the middle of summer and that alone is enough for the residents of Reykjavik to get out there and celebrate life.

Here are the best events happening in Reykjavik this month:

Monday July 1st – July 3rd

Bára: INvalid / ÖRyrki at Listastofan

Come and view this installation performance by Bára Halldórsdóttir as part of RVKFringe Festival, where she plays an important role portraying herself. The goal is to gain an understanding by the able-bodied public what it means to be a disabled individual dealing with daily tasks. Bára has been a force in Icelandic society of late and we look forward to celebrating her strength and courage.



Tuesday 2nd July

Free Jazz at Kex

Enjoy an evening of jazz over a casual dinner at the old biscuit factory. Kex Hostel, situated by the ocean, is an organic concept lending a vintage industrial feel to contemporary design. The concert begins at 8:30 pm. Be sure to come in time to grab bites and drinks before alluring into the magic of some seriously talented jazz hands.


Wednesday 3rd July

The Master Jazz Saxophonist Sigurdur Flosason at Harpa

Leading Icelandic saxophonist Sigurdur Flosason leads his stellar quartet of his original music inspired by, and dedicated to, the vibrant Icelandic nature. His fellow players are Kjartan Valdimarsson on piano, Þorgrímur Jónsson on bass and Scott McLemore on drums. Experience the exotic nordic nature via sound in the architectural gem, Harpa Concert Hall.



Thursday 4th July

Lykke Li at Harpa

The Swedish singer Lykke Li will be gracing her presence at Harpa Concert Hall, performing her first headline show in Reykjavik. The artist is on a tour with her new album So Sad So Sexy. Opening up for Lykke Li is one of the hottest Icelandic recording artists, GDRN. This event is a powerhouse not to be missed.



Friday 5th July

Drag-Súgur RVK Fringe

Treat yourself to an evening of wicked glamor with the drag royalties of Reykjavík. Showcasing the internationally recognized Drag-Súgur, who’s captured the hearts of locals and traveling fans alike. The host of the event is none other than Gógó Starr, the queen of Iceland. Hang with royalty for a night.



Saturday 6th July

Laurie Black: Space Cadette

Award-winning cabaret queen Laurie Black makes her Reykjavik debut at the RVK Fringe Festival. Her brand new solo show Space Cadette is a musical comedy portraying lifestyle on the moon, in order to escape the madness on planet Earth. We’ll be avoiding the madness of missing out on this.



Sunday 7th July

Food Market in Laugardal

The City of Reykjavik asked its citizens for suggestions regarding neighborhood activities, and culture and the locals have spoken. The Food Market it is, a venue of gathering and shopping, from the farm to tent goods, as well as fresh and fun cooked bites and beverages. Come to Laugardalur between 12:00 and 6:00 pm to join the food fun. For more details email [email protected]



Monday 8th July

Ceramic Summer

Bring home Icelandic art created by you. Glit is offering individual summer sessions teaching the techniques of ceramic art. Once you’ve completed one summer class, you’re invited to drop by their studio and create more masterpieces during work hours. The class is from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.



Tuesday 9th July

Funniest Four at Secret Cellar

When all you want to do is to laugh and laugh more with a drink in hand, the Secret Cellar awaits. Experience four stand-up comedians covering four different topics. This event is lead by the rising comedian Arnór Daði and an additional three funny people he picks to entertain you. The show is 90 minutes, starting at 9:00 pm.



Wednesday 10th July

Party Karaoke with Þórunn Antonia And DJ Dora

Keep your eyes on the prize, this is not your average karaoke. Sing your heart out or just party like it’s 1998 with the vibrant diva Þórunn Antonia and the hottest DJ in Iceland, Dóra Júlía. A fabulous invite to create one of those Reykjavik nights to remember. The entertainment starts at 9:00 pm at Sæta Svínið.



Thursday 11th July

DJ duo B1B2 – Rooftop Party at Petersen

We’re celebrating with sunny cocktails, creating that sexy summer party ambience. Playing to all of your senses is the Icelandic DJ duo B1B2, creating a truly unique experience where you simply let yourself go and dance with your heart between 18:00 and 22:00. Save some krónas by coming early for happy hour 2:00 – 8:00 pm.



Friday 12th July

Mr. Silla & Jae Tyler at Mengi

Mengi welcomes again the dynamic duo Mr. Silla and Jae Tyler to play their brand new material, and perhaps pepper in some of their older work. Mr. Silla (Sigurlaug Gísladóttir) is an icon in the Icelandic art scene, collaborating with the Kansas-bred art-boy Jae Tyler who resides in Berlin. Anticipate being organically electrified. The show begins at 9:00 pm.



Saturday 13th July

The Cube of Truth at Lækjartorg

Hosted by Anonymous for the Voiceless in an art performance, the attempt is to inspire a vegan conclusion through local standard-practice animal exploitation footage and conversations. The goal of this peaceful demonstration by The Cube of Truth is to trigger curiosity and interest from the public. If curious, come by Lækjartorg between 3:00 – 6:00 pm.



Sunday 14th July

Vök in Bæjarbío Hafnarfjördur

Hop on a bus to Hafnarfjörður, just 20 minutes from the city center of Reykjavik for an evening of dreamlike feel good tunes. The band Vök has been described as a dream-pop/indie-electro band creating sounds of dreamy electronics with melodic vocals, distant saxophones and clean reverberated guitars. The concert begins at 8:30 pm.



Monday 15th July

Soulflow Comedy in English at Gaukurinn

Be a part of this fabulous debut, introducing Women & Queer Stand Up Open Mic Night to regular locals and travelers alike at the good old corner stopping ground, Gaukurinn. Knock down a stiff one and hop on stage with your jokes. Free entry – starts at 9:00 pm.



Tuesday 16th July

Icelandic Music & Storytelling Iðnó

Hosted by Hanna Mia Mill, a.k.a. Mill, and in one of the most charming venues in Reykjavik, Iðnó. Enjoy a charming afternoon of storytelling and music by the pond. During the breaks Mill likes to open up the space for questions about Iceland, culture and those locals. Begins at 1:00 pm.



Wednesday 17th July

Jazz & Cocktails at Slippbarinn

Wednesday evenings in Reykjavík mean freshly curated cocktails at the eclectic Slippbarinn, located at Reykjavik Marina Icelandair Hotel. Trio Halla Guðmunds is always in demand by the locals, jazzy visitors, and mixology fans. Begins at 8:00 pm.



Thursday 18th July

My Voices Have Tourettes At Secret Cellar

Come laugh with those gutsy self-deprecating comedians with Tourette Syndrome and Schizophrenia. A group of performers raise awareness about their disorders/syndromes via a humorous delivery. Q&A at the end of every show, so if you’re curious, this is your chance. Admission is free; the show begins at 9:00 pm.



Friday 19th-21st July

Reykjavík Street Food Miðbakkinn

Marrying food with music is such a juicy way of life. Here is a festival of culinary pop-up magic and live music. Come hungry and thirsty for all kinds of delicious fun and be ready to vote for your favorite bites. The pressure is on for those gourmet masterminds partaking in the event.



Sunday 21st July

Let’s Float Together

Float into the coming week at Sundhöll, one of the oldest swimming pools in Reykjavik. Up to 20 people float together every Sunday night with direction by Elly Ármannsdóttir. If you’re a yogi who has always dreamed of synchronized swimming, this might be your dream activity. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and recharged. The session starts at 8:45 pm.



Monday 22nd July

Gay-bi Support Group

Are you craving support and community? Let’s talk about it all in English and Icelandic. Our evenings cover topics like dating and relationships, open relationships/polyamory, aging, anger, handling HIV challenges, sex and intimacy, masculinity, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, intimacy and connection, isolation, shame and stigma, internalized homophobia, spirituality, body image, and more. Begins at 7:00 pm.



Tuesday 23rd July

Hornið Turns 40 Years Old

The legendary pizzeria Hornið in Reykjavik, a favorite of locals for decades, celebrates its 40th anniversary. Come and have fun with us over pizzas, drinks, entertainment and possibly meeting new friends. Everyone will be in a celebratory mood. We love all the mom & pop businesses in town.



Wednesday 24th July

Iceland, Booze and Beer

Are Icelanders the worst drinkers in Europe? Stefan Palsson, Icelandic historian, offers a fun introduction to the Icelandic history of booze and beer in Iceland. What did the Vikings drink? Why was beer banned in Iceland? Come and taste the Icelandic story of beer. There will be special beer offers during the introduction. This is a free event.


Thursday 25th July

Music In The Garden

We live for live music and happy hour drinks. Enjoy drinks, bites, and jazz in the garden at Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar, housed at the Center Hotel. Take advantage of the 20% off the bar menu during the performances. This is a free event scheduled 6:00 – 8:00 pm.


Sunday 28th July

Kátt á Klambra

This is a party for the little ones of all sizes. The children’s festival Kátt á Klambra will be held for the fourth time at Klambratún, featuring a schedule filled with magic and fun for the pint-sizers. The celebration starts at 11:00 am.



Monday 29th July

Jazz During Lunch Hour

Whoever thought of a 30 min lunchtime concert is a genius. Harpa Concert Hall is offering solo performances at 12:30. This lunch break program is packed with brilliant music by Aguado and legendary Mexican guitar composer Ponce and Icelandic gems. Pop over during your lunch break at 12:30 and forget about what’s happening outside.


Ongoing in July

Improv Ísland

This summer Improv Iceland puts on a show every Wednesday at 8:00 pm. During the winter the company performs weekly at the Icelandic National Theatre. Experience spontaneous skills and comedy at the newly remodeled Tjarnabíó. Nothing wrong with a fun performance at a cool theatre venue, with a bar. All performances are in English.



Erró: Mao’s World Tour

Get to know Erró and his radical vision of Mao Zedong. Between 1972 and 1980, Erró painted over 130 paintings portraying the leader traveling the world. The series objectifies both the utopian dream of the future and the fear of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. View the exhibition at the stunning Hafnarhús Reykjavík Art Museum. This exhibition runs until May 2020.



How To Be Icelandic In 60 Minutes at Harpa

Ever wondered about what it feels like to be Icelandic? This show is a hilarious blend of incisive and visual observations of the Icelandic human condition, their attitudes, struggles and everyday lives. Come to laugh, learn and feel Icelandic. Audience claims to feel 100% Icelandic at the end of the night.


If you’re a business or organisation that would like us to add your event to next month’s calendar, please contact us at hello [@] scandinaviastandard [dot] com. Thank you!


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