What’s On in Reykjavik: September 2019

After ongoing outdoor summer jams, nothing but blue skies and midnight sunsets, Reykjavik slows to a cozier pace with jazz and classical concerts. Still being eclectic and vibrant, September in RVK is filled with music, art, food, and wicked fun. This is also the month when the Northern Lights begin to grace the sky with a colorful dance.

Here’s what to do in Reykjavik this month:

Sunday September 1st

Tango Practica at Sólon Bistro

Master the art of tango dancing on a Sunday afternoon, and with free admission, you can easily drop some krónas on a beverage or two. Come with a friend or possibly meet your tango partner there. This charming event is hosted by Snorri Sigfús Birgisson.


Monday September 2nd

Old Harbor Brewery Tour

Explore the vibrancy of the repurposed Old Harbor area, with a tour of a local favorite craft brewery. Pay what you want for the tour and enjoy great deals at the bar. Follow Me In Iceland are known for their high quality food and beverage tours. An ideal afternoon to enjoy folk tales and craft beer toasts.



Tuesday September 3rd

Bruun Rasmussen art valuation at Nordic House

Do you have a piece of art, a book or coins and stamps that you’d like to know its worth? Bring it to Nordic House and meet Bruun Rasmussen, you’ll never know its worth by guessing. For larger objects bring a photo to learn the value of your treasure for a possible future auction.


Wednesday September 4th

Self-Love Mantra Evening

How about checking in with your self-love? Take the time to connect on a deeper level within, with the support of a delicious cup of cacao, mantras, live music, meditation, deep relaxation and sound healing. RSVP via [email protected] and your cup awaits. Price is 5500 ISK.



Wednesday 4th – Sunday 8th September

Reykjavik Jazz Festival

Reykjavik Jazz Festival has been held annually since 1990, every year presenting the strongest local talent as well as prominent international guests. Focusing on modern original jazz including nordic jazz, avant garde, as well as something for kids and the non-jazzer.


Thursday 5th – Saturday 7th September

Októberfest SHÍ 2019

Októberfest is a three day musical feast, celebrating its 17th year. The lineup is only the biggest and most vibrant musical talent Iceland has to offer, including Herra Hnetusmjör, Friðrik Dór Auður, Jón Jónsson, GDRN and Vök, to name a few. Buy tickets here.



Tuesday 10th September

The 48 Preludes and Fugues of J.S. Bach at Dómkirkjan

Take in selected preludes and fugues from The Well-Tempered Clavier on the Dómkirkjan church’s piano by the Icelandic pianist Ólafur Elíasson. Dómkirkjan is housed by the epic location at Parliament Square. Free admission.


Wednesday 11th September

Party Karaoke With DJ Dóra Júlía & Helga Margrét

There’s no party like a karaoke party with DJ and karaoke masters Júlía & Helga Margrét. What else is there to do midweek than celebrate life in Reykjavik with food, drinks and music? Come with your pipes warmed up or simply bring your party moves to Sæta Svínið Gastropub.



Thursday 12th September

Seasonal Harvest Preserved

Root vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes and other delicious harvests will be preserved for the coming winter as pickled goods and chutney. We’re excited about this culinary fun and particularly about all the goods we get to bring home with us, yum!


Thursday 12th – 15th September

Extreme Chill Festival

Extreme Chill has never been this large, taking up four main venues in central Reykjavík.
A four-day eclectic music festival featuring local and foreign musicians of all ages, with diverse backgrounds uniting under the inspiration of Icelandic nature.



Saturday 14th September

Reykjavík Food Festival

With all the new Icelandic restaurants Reyljavik has to offer, how do you decide where to have your next meal? Reykjavík Food Festival rounds up rich and tasty bites across town, curated for passionate foodies to eat their way across town in a day.


Monday 16th September

Liver Cleanse at Sisterhood

After an indulgent summer of barbeque and beverages, an autumn cleanse might just be the thing we do now, boosting our energy level and liver health. This single course is filled with detox knowledge and safe methods to explore for immune endurance and wellbeing.



Tuesday 17th September

Me Too – Moving Forward

Join Reykjavík for a powerful Nordic conference, covering the impact and afterlife of the #MeToo movement. This conference is a part of the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2019 and is organised in collaboration with RIKK, Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference at the University of Iceland. Free of charge and registration is encouraged to secure a spot.


Wednesday 18th September

Opening at Kling & Bang

The opening of the exhibition “Mother & Child” by A Kassen begins at 5 pm at Kling & Bang. A Kassen is the Copenhagen-based artistic collective, offering a conceptual approach ranging from site-specific and performance-based installations, photography and sculpture.



Friday 19th – Sunday 22nd September

Crazy Culture

Crazy Culture is an energetic festival filled with creation of an eclectic group of local artists.
Taking over Hverfisgata, all the way towards the harbor, the festival is filled with music, dance, visual art, stand-up and crazy cultural fun. We’re not missing out on this one!


Friday 20th September

Lókal Performing Arts

Through the years Janus Bragi Jakobsson has collected real life moments with video storytelling and collaborating with Loji Höskuldsson, and a few videos on so called Snitsel-nights are incorporated. We’re wondering if this a Nordic version of Seinfeld-like moments, if so we’re here for it!



Tuesday 24th September

Positive Body Image

One of everyday life’s challenges is coping with self-acceptance and our bodies. The goal of this event is for participants to go home feeling grateful for their bodies, whatever shape or form, avoiding body shaming ourselves and others, while relieving the pressures of looking a certain way.


Wednesday 25th September

Open Mic Night at The Secret Cellar

If your intention is to grab attention with your wicked humor, there’s no time like the present and location like The Secret Cellar in Reykjavik. This event is all about pushing the boundaries and trusting your own storytelling and humor. All sets must be in English.



Friday 27th September

Ingi BjarniSkúlason Release Concert – Fríkirkjan

The quintet’s release, Tenging, references Skúlason’s personal discovery of his inner musical journey, exploring flow, freedom, confidence and intuition, bringing together artists and friends from his longtime association with Scandinavia. Enjoy transforming acoustics in the beautiful Friíkirkjan.


Saturday 28th September

Ný Dönsk at Harpa

A local favorite gem takes over Harpa Concert Hall with an array of popular tunes. A guaranteed evening of fun, surrounded by energetic locals. Ný Dönsk, translating as Newly Danish, is a must-see for anyone wanting to grasp a bite of authentic Icelandic musical history and experience.



Sunday 29th September

Re-designs Clothing 66°North

66°Norður (66°North) collaborated with Berg Guðnason to refresh, recycle and refurbish designs, resulting in hip and lively patterns and colors. This limited collection can be viewed online and will be sold in the flagship store on this day, starting at 5:00pm. This is a highly anticipated event by locals and fans alike.


Ongoing in September

Í Kring Curates Kári Björn

í Kring” (“Around,” in English) is an ongoing series of exhibitions taking place all year round, with each session occurring within our three coffeehouses of the Reykjavik Roasters at once. Í Kring highly recommends beginning the viewing of the artist at Ásmundarsalur, then heading to the other two locations of the Reykjavik Roasters, on Kárastígur 1 and Brautarholt 2. This exhibit shows photography of Kári Björn. The three mostly unrelated parts of a documentary project is a series on truth and lies in photography, and a mishmash of pictures from the past five years in New York. Runs until 9th October.



Soulflow Comedy at Gaukurinn

A weekly open-mic stand-up night in English every Monday night at Gaukurinn is one of the best giggles in town. All women and queer folks are welcome and encoraged to flex their comedian muscles. Simply log on to Facebook to sign-up or in person that night. After all, this is a chance for you to win a bottle of bubbly. Happy hour from 2:00pm – 9:00pm. Entry is free.


If you’re a business or organisation that would like us to add your event to next month’s calendar, please contact us at hello [@] scandinaviastandard [dot] com. Thank you!


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