What’s the Hooha About?

One of the best streets in Copenhagen, Elmegade, lies between Guldbergade and Nørrebrogade, connecting the two main streets with the lively Sankt Hans Torv on the east end. This short, narrow street is home to some of the best shopping in the city, plus a few good cafés and coffee spots to boot. On the south side of the street, closer to Guldbergade, sits Hooha, a small menswear shop at basement level.

The window dressing changes regularly, often highlighting the brands of a specific country, so be sure to check it out before you step down and inside (and watch your head!). The small, bright store is full of clothes, outerwear, hats, and even a selection of small accessories like ties and jewellery.


Founded by Henrik in 2003, the store used to focus on both clothes and sneakers. “We had a lot of success with sneakers, Henrik explains, “but when you get into that industry you have to really be on top of it all the time. People who are really into sneakers want the newest thing, all the time, and there’s always something new. You have to be really into that game in order to be the best, and we felt we couldn’t focus on both growing the clothing aspect of the store and keep up with the sneakers. So we chose the clothes.”

After a short move only a few doors down, Hooha as we know it today was established. The selection of clothes and accessories, chosen by buyer Daniel, is both impressive and surprising.

“Of course I’m focused on the aesthetics; I want the clothes to be stylish,” says Daniel, “but I’m also really aware of the price. I think it’s important to have pieces that are both good looking and affordable. There are a lot of items in the store available for under 1000 DKK and that’s on purpose. You shouldn’t have to spend a ton of money to look good.”

And he should know: Daniel is one of the most dapper men we’ve ever seen. In a city of well-dressed men, he stands out as someone who really knows his own style and isn’t afraid to indulge it. When we meet, he’s decked out in double-denim, including a slim-fit denim jacket. An array of chunky silver rings compliment his many tattoos, and a sleek leather shoe finishes the look.


“I love clothes and I’m passionate about finding new brands and cool pieces,” he says. When asked about his style influences, he takes a moment to think. “I’d have to say my mom, most of all,” he says (cue hearts melting across the globe). “She’s very stylish, and shopping has always been something that we do together. A lot of my knowledge about how to dress comes directly from her.”

So shoppers in Copenhagen can thank Daniel’s mom for the selection that awaits them at Hooha. The spectrum of brands runs from indie and hard-to-find to commercial. “I don’t automatically dismiss a brand because it’s really well-known,” Daniel says. “There are so many brands that make great items at really good price points. Selected, for example, is one of those brands that people are often surprised to find in the store. But the products are so high quality! It’s about how you wear things to make them your own.”


Hooha sells outwear, jeans, shirts, socks and just about anything else you’d want to put on your body. Hooha has their own collection, sold exclusively in the store, that includes minimalist and comfortable basics like underwear, tee shirts, and sweatshirts. Though they sell menswear, Daniel notes, “everything is unisex these days. Lots of women shop here as well, and that’s how it should be! Just wear what you like, regardless of labels.”

In addition, they have a small selection of shoes, bags, jewellery and other accessories like bowties from AN IVY. If you’re in need of smart clothes that don’t come with a crazy price tag, Hooha has the stuff you need. Stop in, ask for Daniel; he’ll get you sorted.


Hooha Store

Elmegade 20
2200 København N

Opening Hours:
Every day 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Photos by Freya McOmish

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