When is Tivoli in Copenhagen Actually Open?

Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in Europe (the honorable title of “first” goes to a Danish rival, Bakken), has enchanted crowds since 1843 with its charming wooden roller coaster, open-air concerts and immaculate landscaping.

The park serves approximately 4.5 million people per year, and at least 4 million of those people had to double-check their calendars because they weren’t sure when, exactly, Tivoli is actually open during the year. With an “off” and “on” season, plus a few additional holiday openings in between, it can be slightly confusing.

So here’s a breakdown of when, exactly, Tivoli amusement park is open:


6 April – 24 September

This is the longest Tivoli season, and definitely the most pleasant, weather-wise. Take a stroll around the gardens, catch some rides or enjoy a concert from Plænen, the open-air theatre.



13 October – 5 November

Halloween isn’t really A Thing in Denmark yet, except on the context of Tivoli, for some reason. But no matter; it’s really fun for kids and adults alike. Carve a pumpkin, take in the silly decorations and be sure to eat some candy!



18 November – 31 December

An extremely charming time to visit the park! Bundle up and enjoy a glass of glögg (mulled wine), browse the Christmas market full of handmade goods like cosy knitted wool scarves, and enjoy the fireworks at the end of the night.



2 – 25 February

Yes, the winter season is different than the Christmas season. Why, we couldn’t tell you, but there it is. Enjoy a hot chocolate (with a shot of Bailey’s, if that’s your thing!) as your stroll the gardens, or enjoy an in-door concert from the fantastic line-up available every year. There are also plenty of great restaurants on the grounds where you can enjoy a drink or full meal.

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