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You Want Amass Fried Chicken In Your Life

When you consider New Nordic cuisine, fried chicken may not be the first dish that comes to mind. Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen, recently name #66 in the top 100 World’s Best Restaurants, is doing its best to widen your perception with its off-menu lunchbox.

During the summer months, you can enjoy Amass Fried Chicken (AFC) as takeaway or in the herb garden in the back of the restaurant. Walk along the water, take in the view of Copenhagen and eat with your fingers; what’s better than that?

The lunchbox includes two pieces of buttermilk-fried chicken (on the bone, skin on), a buttermilk biscuit, vinegar coleslaw and a brownie. Drinks can be purchased from the bar inside.

If you’re looking for a leisurely way to spend a sunny day, this is it. At 195 DKK a box, it’s a laid-back alternative to some of Copenhagen’s pricier meals while still feeling special. And lest you worry that you won’t walk away with a full stomach; this isn’t some dinky serving. You just might have to roll yourself home.

AFC Amass Fried Chicken | Scandinavia Standard

Birthday - Eating AFC Amass Fried Chicken | Scandinavia Standard

Tea at Amass Copenahgen | Scandinavia Standard

Walking in Garden at Amass | Scandinavia Standard

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Amass Fried Chicken is available every day that Amass is open but is weather dependent, as it can only be eaten outside:
Tues – Thurs 6:00 pm – midnight
Fri & Sat: 12:00 pm- 3:30 pm

Back Garden in the Sunshine at Amass Copenahgen | Scandinavia Standard

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