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Your Perfect Weekend: Pom och Flora Cafe

Let it be known that I am a huge fan of breakfast. I especially like a leisurely breakfast that includes many components and can be enjoyed with multiple cups of coffee. There’s just something about lingering over a long breakfast that is so impossibly chic and cosy.

So walking into Pom och Flora was like finding my people. The cafe itself is lovely but unassuming; large glass windows out onto the street, small tables and functional wooden chairs seating approximately 30 people fill the room. There’s a red & white checkered floor and a quarterly rotating art exhibit covers the walls.

“When we opened in 2012, this part of the neighborhood was entirely residential. For people who wanted a quick sandwich or breakfast, there were really no options. We lived across the street from this location at the time and it magically became available. It had previously been an antique shop,” owner Anna explains.

So she and her husband Rasmus, both in the food industry, took over the space and built their cafe. It was an immediate success.

Pom & Flora Chai, Peanut Butter and Banana in Stockholm | Scandinavia Standard

Pom-Flora-Breakfast-in-Stockholm | Scandinavia Standard Pom & Flora Table Breakfast Brunch in Stockholm | Scandinavia Standard

“From the beginning, we felt like we were inviting people into our living room. I think people respond to that feeling of being at home; of being comfortable.”

Looking around, comfortable is definitely the word. Young friends chat over coffee and croissants, dogs curl under the tables, the whir of the espresso machine is constant white noise.

We go for the “weekend breakfast,” which Anna tells me is their signature. It includes coffee and juice, a bread basket, a six-minute egg, sliced cheese, chacuterie and avocado, a jar of pickled veggies spiced with fennel & cummin and a youghurt to die for. The yoghurt is made with a maple and tahini syrup, roasted nuts and a berry compote: it is gorgeous. We added some grapefruit with mint for a little citrus kick. Tell me you’re not lusting after that meal right now.

Pom & Flora Granola Breakfast Brunch in Stockholm | Scandinavia Standard
Pom & Flora Counter Breakfast Brunch in Stockholm | Scandinavia Standard
Pom & Flora Breakfast Eggs  Brunch in Stockholm | Scandinavia Standard
Pom & Flora Table Spread Brunch in Stockholm | Scandinavia Standard

Fresh lunch options like salads and sandwichs are also available. “My favorite is the toast with almond butter, banana and tahini maple syrup.” Anna says, showing me the dish she’s about to serve a lucky customer. “We like to keep things simple but unexpected,” she explains. “That’s why we do the pickles, for instance. It’s a way of staying seasonal and local but being able to include those vegetables year-round.”

It’s this kind of background sustainability that makes Pom och Flora such a special place: they’re doing it all right, it’s just sutble. The focus is on the food and making the patrons feel good.

In addition to their cafe location, Anna and Rasmus have opened a second lunch and event location called Pompadour. “We don’t have an industrial fridge at Pom och Flora, so when we were offered the space only two blocks away, it just made sense for us. We moved our kitchen staff and food prep there. It’s been a great change!” Anna says.
Pom & Flora Pickled Carrots Breakfast Brunch in Stockholm | Scandinavia Standard

Pompadour is open daily until 6 for lunch and also hosts events for up to 30 people, for which Anna and Rasmus produce customized menus.

Freya and I finish our breakfast (never before has yoghurt been photographed from so many angles) and sit back, obscenely content. Pom och Flora is buzzing, with tables full of food and people sipping their drinks and taking last bites of bread . Anna stops by to see how we’ve fared (we demolished the entire table) before looking in on the next table then heading behind the bar to take orders.

“People often tell me that what we make at the cafe, you could almost make it at home – it’s really simple. But it’s always fresh, always interesting flavors, and the atmosphere you get when you’re here is as cosy as it gets. This is the atmosphere we wanted from the start.” Anna says from behind the counter. The next person in line is eager to order their breakfast, so we step aside, say our goodbyes and walk out onto the sunny corner. The perfect start to a Sunday.

Pom & Flora Store Interior Stockholm | Scandinavia Standard
Pom-Flora-Coffee | Scandinavia-Standard Pom & Flora Smeg Fridge Stockholm | Scandinavia Standard

Pom och Flora.

Bondegatan 64

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Weekends 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Photos by Freya McOmish

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