Scandinavia Standard is your one-stop destination for Scandinavian lifestyle in English. Whether you’re a local, immigrant, visitor or simply a scandiphile, you should get to live an enriched life in the city of your choice. And if you can’t get on a plane? No problem! We’re bringing all the Scandi-goods to you online, so you can enjoy Scandinavia wherever you are.

Our motto is simple:
We live here. We chose to live here.

Scandinavia Standard’s goal isn’t to make its own isolated community but instead to provide our readers with the knowledge and desire to access the city they’re in, now.

We aren’t about bashing Scandinavia (or anywhere else). We’re about positivity. We believe it’s possible to be critical without being nasty.

Welcome to Scandinavia Standard!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman – Co-founder & Editorial Director

Rebecca Thandi Norman


Rebecca is a writer and editor. She has lived in Boston, Cape Town, London and now Copenhagen with her Danish husband and son.


Freya McOmish – Co-founder & Creative Director

Freya McOmish Profile Image


Freya is a filmmaker, photographer and graphic designer. She is half Danish and half Australian, and has a background in law, film and philosophy.


Business Enquiries

If you are a Danish business interested in collaborating with us, please contact Pernille C. Lotus from SMAC Agency: pernille[at]smacagency.com or +45 2728 4248

If you are a business from outside of Denmark interested in collaborating with us, please contact Scandinavia Standard at hello[at]scandinaviastandard.com.

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Scandinavia Standard
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The Team

Anna Clarke – Editorial Assistant

Monika Masnicova – Creative Intern

Tiffany Leung – Social Media Consultant

Michael Larsen – Contributor and the brain behind Scandi Haircuts

The Noun Project supplies all the icons used throughout the site.

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  • geoffrey norman

    great start. keep at it. lots of love from the boston crew .

  • Anthony Godfrey

    Great work and an interesting idea

    Good luck
    Love Ant

  • Dale Norman

    Terrific Website. I will look to use the information when next I visit Denmark.

  • Looks great and I love the concept! Keep it up girls 🙂

  • Eb

    Tips on swedish fashion, research the brands Acne studios, COS, & other stories, Filippa K, Cheap Monday, Weekday, Fjällräven (makes the famous bag pack “kånken” that is extremely popular in Stockholm), Hope, Tiger of Sweden, Dagmar, Ida Sjöstedt, Rodebjer and Carin Wester. In Sweden people dress very minimalistic, simple garments in neutral colors. You can also check out the Swedish fashion bloggers, such as Kenzas, Angelica Blick and Lisa Olsson. If you guys want to check out Swedish design, check Design House Stockholm, Rörstrand, Svenskt Tenn, Bruno Mathsson and of course ikea… haha. Hope you found this helpful!

  • Sarah-Julia M.

    Hey guys,

    I absolutely love the idea of a blog about Scandinavia seen through the eyes of non Scandinavian-natives. I discovered your blog last week-end and have been reading many of your posts since then.
    I was born in France and raised by a Danish mother. I also spent all my holidays in Copenhagen as a child. So Danish traditions have no secrets for me. And yet, when I moved there 3 years ago, I felt a little overwhelmed and probably faced the same challenges you did.
    I now live and work in Paris (for a French ready-to-wear brand) but think everyday about moving back to Scandinavia. Your blog brings me my daily dose of Denmark and I thank you for that. If you feel like chatting or meeting next time I visit Copenhagen, let me know, I’d love to!

    Good luck with your projects.
    Very best,


    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Sarah-Julia! So glad you’re enjoying the site. Definitely be in touch next time you’re in Copenhagen. You can reach me at rebecca@scandinaviastandard.com.

      • Sarah-Julia M.

        Hi Rebecca,
        Thank you for your reply. I’ll be in Copenhagen from April 10th to 15th. Hopefully you’ll have time for en kop kaffe.

  • Eric Nielsen

    Tillykke med newsletter and the great article on Fastelavn – any tips from anyone on mail order delivery of Gammeldsdags fastelavnsbolle within the US or from Danmark? Hvis jeg ingen boller får, så laver jeg ballade. Well not really; but, if I could have some delivered it sure would put a smile on my mother and grand niece’s face – Tusind Tak!

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  • Camille Forest-Labonté

    Hi guys,
    I really enjoy your blog as a non-Scandinavian living in Copenhagen!
    I was wondering if you had any ideas or tricks to find summer job in Denmark for non-danish speaking ??
    Good luck with everything and keep surprising us 🙂

    • Hi Camille, thanks so much for your kind words! I think hospitality/service jobs like hotel, bar & restaurant are your best bet for summer jobs that take non-Danish speakers. You could also look at tour companies, which often need other language speakers. Good luck and enjoy Danish summer!

  • Emma Jukić

    Thank you for making this beautiful blog – I’m coming to Copenhagen in a few days and am looking forward to learning more about Scandinavian culture and design. Do you accept guest posts, if I stumble across something particularly beautiful?

  • GraceOvercast

    I was just living in Copenhagen a month ago – wish I’d discovered this
    blog sooner! This city got me, and I’m still charmed by Copenhagen here
    in America. Wish I was there now. Thanks for curating such a special
    blog 🙂 you go ladies.

    • Thanks so much Grace! Hope you come back soon and continue to find the site useful!

  • Matt Mc

    Hi there, with all things Scandinavian so on trend in the UK at the moment have you seen a massive increase on the traffic though your website?

    • Hi Matt! We’re lucky that, since we started, there always seems to be interest in Scandinavia! Yes, traffic continues to increase all the time 🙂

  • Nikoline

    Har netop opdaget jeres blog, og er vil med jeres “måned-guides” 🙂 Jeg bor lige nu i Barcelona, men når jeg kommer hjem om en måned vil jeg helt klart dyrke jeres blog lidt mere.
    Mvh Nikoline (www.departdeux.com)

  • Just discovered your site, great posts. Let me know if you would like contributors, I have a blog where I interview Scandinavian,(mainly Swedish) designers and artists and events around Stockholm.

  • caterina vanzi

    Hey! Great blog! I’m a photographer looking at moving to Copenhagen in the new Year and was hoping to study interior/spatial design whilst there eventually, any ideas for courses in english or that can tolerate terrible danish around? Im having terrible luck on google 🙁

  • Ronda Sjavik

    I am curious as to a possible source to purchase, in the USA, the Swedish/Norwegian polyester-type, washable dyne and dyne trek that we see all over Scandinavia. Thanks.

    • Hi Ronda, you should be able to pick up that kind of dyne at Ikea! Best of luck!