A Focus on Scandinavian Fashion Designers at ILLUM

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Scandinavian design has only increased in popularity over the last few decades. From Scandinavian design furniture to Nordic food, global interest in what’s happening in the northern region has never been so high. Scandinavian fashion has perhaps lagged behind in gaining worldwide interest, but the last few years have seen major changes with a handful of breakthrough brands and the folding of all of the Scandinavian fashion weeks into Copenhagen Fashion Week.

ILLUM, Copenhagen’s luxury department store, is celebrating some of the most creative and interesting Danish, Swedish and Norwegian brands with a gorgeous “New in Scandinavia” campaign shot by Sigurd Grünberger. The campaign focuses on both the designers behind the brands as well as the clothes they create.

The most striking thing about the campaign is that, even though the clothing styles are vastly different, there are foundational elements of Scandinavian design and aesthetic that act as cohesive markers, making the designs instantly recognizable as “Scandi.” Clean lines, sharp tailoring, and top quality can be found throughout.

This campaign is featured in ILLUM department store’s windows and all brands are available for purchase at the store.

Meet the Scandinavian fashion brands featured in ILLUM’s campaign:

Maria Skappel Holzweiler, Head of Design at Holzweiler

Norwegian brand Holzweiler has taken the Scandinavian fashion world by storm, and they’re set to go global in the near future. They began by producing luxury scarves that could be purchased by the meter and, although they still make great scarves, their offering extends to luxe basics and outerwear. Look out for their logo, a simple hanger, to be all over the place soon.


Anne-Dorthe Larsen, Creative Director of Lovechild 1979

Whimsical and romantic aren’t words you typically associate with Danish, or Scandinavian, fashion, but Lovechild 1979 has carved out a space for itself as a design house with a charming, fanciful look. They’ve managed to bring in Scandinavian design markers thanks to sharp tailoring and the artistry of their pattern work.


Jacob Kampp Berliner, CEO and Silas Adler, Creative Director, of Soulland

Soulland has only just started showing at Copenhagen Fashion Week, but the nearly 20 year old brand is well-established in the industry. They focus on cool athleisure and basics, as well as playful prints and oversized silhouettes. They’ve recently launched womenswear in addition to their popular menswear. Soulland, along with a handful of other brands including Norse Projects and Wood Wood, are at the forefront of Scandinavian athleisure.


Stine Goya, Creative Director of Stine Goya

Joyful fashion is the driving force behind beloved Danish fashion brand Stine Goya. The brand is all about bright colors and bold patterns, as well as unexpected silhouettes like oversized suits or high ruffled necklines. Along with brands such as Ganni and Acne Studios, Stine Goys is one of the few breakthrough brands in the region.


Frida Bard, Head of Design at HOPE Stockholm

HOPE Stockholm is one of Sweden’s most popular brands and they deserve their time to shine on a bigger stage. Their approach to fashion has been unisex since their inception. Their look is classically Scandinavian: minimalist and androgynous, with oversized silhouettes and sleek lines. Despite being pared down, the looks are never boring.


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