A Party-by-Party Guide to Dressing Up This Season

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It’s that time of year again. The time of year when it’s impossible to differentiate your bed from your floor from your laundry pile; it’s simply become a blur of cast-off clothes and single shoes reaching out desperately for a foot to slip onto. Holiday parties can send even the most low-key of us into an outfit-finding spiral, throwing clothes over our shoulders as we yell in exasperation, “Don’t I own anything that isn’t awful?!”

And there are so many kinds of parties, all of them requiring different kinds of clothes. So what’s a chic person to do under such circumstances? There are plenty of ways to add a little festive sparkle to your outfit. ASOS, an online fashion destination, has an incredible range of party wear for all of your needs; plus their prices and 10% student discount all year long (sign up here!) will keep your wallet happy.

So which party are you dressing for this holiday season?

The Office Party

If you’re wondering how to dress for an office party: it’s all about the balance between festive and professional. Think of it as professional wear with jazz hands. The easiest way to do this (and so that you don’t have to go home to change) is to wear your regular office get-up and add a few playful accessories.

You can’t go wrong with a stylish suit. Add a shirt with a lovely detail, a beautiful pair of earrings, and swap out your briefcase for something more colorful. Done! You’re ready for the office-do. Remember: once the party gets going, resist the urge to photocopy any part of your body. Photocopies, like the internet, are forever.


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The Family Dinner

Family dinners aren’t exactly high-fashion events, but there’s no reason you should look anything less than stellar to pass the potatoes and dodge questions about your love life from well-meaning aunts who use the term “You Tubes.”

Comfort is queen here, so finding a loose-fitting and cosy dress, or a pair of separates that will let your waistband expand as you go for a second slice of pie.


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The Party Where You Might See Your Crush

The most vital part of attracting your crush is, of course, your sparkling personality. But short of getting one of those nameplate necklaces that says “sparkling personality” (someone please do this!), you’ll also want to dress in a way that makes you feel your best. Love your legs? Show ’em off! Really into your neck? Get some long earrings to accentuate it. Have an amazing laugh? Bring a book of “Cathy” comics in your bag. Whatever you’re into about yourself, that’s what you want to show off. There’s nothing sexier than confidence.


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The Party Where You Won’t Know a Soul

Okay first of all, well done to you! Going to a party where you don’t know anyone except the host (and you know she’ll be too busy to talk to you anyway) is a brave thing to do. Making new friends! It’s not impossible!

The key to an “I don’t know anyone here” look is having fun. Wear something that will start a conversation, or that gives someone the opening to say, “wow, those shoes are killer.” If you really want to make an instant connection with someone, dress up as a fig tree and stand by the drinks table. Then, when someone approaches for a soda, start waving your arms and scream, “AHHHH I’M A FIG TREE! THOSE SHOES ARE KILLER!”


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The Party Where You Let Loose

Damn, Disco Lady! This is really where the party vibe meets the holiday vibe. Get ready to shield your eyes from the sequin-glare. It’s time to dance, dance, dance. That means fun accessories like these disco ball jewellery pieces, a bag that has a shoulder or arm strap (so you can boogie without losing your stuff), and your best Studio 54-inspired outfit.


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Find more party looks and inspiration on ASOS.

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