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All Aboard the Hygge Express at Slurp Ramen Joint

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“I know all the Danes are really into hygge,” head chef of Slurp Ramen Chef Philip Inreiter sighs, “so everyone wants to have a nice leisurely meal, chatting with friends and taking their time. That’s very nice most of the time, but it’s got nothing to do with ramen!”

Philip is explaining how people should eat their slurpramen. The upshot; fast. Really fast. Less than 20 minutes, preferably. “The noodles start to get soggy after that and then the whole dish is ruined,” says Philip.

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Head chef at Slurp Ramen Joint, Philip is something of a ramen expert, so we’ll take his word for it. Originally from Austria, Philip has worked in kitchens around the world from Eleven Madison Park in New York City to noma and Relae in Copenhagen. Between NYC and Copenhagen, Philip spent time in Austria launching the now-defunct Whole Bean Roastery (“my grandmother was our biggest customer,” Philip notes) and in Tokyo, where he learned the art of ramen. “Ramen is Japanese comfort food; it’s not considered particularly special, but I remember having my first bowl of ramen in Japan and it really stuck with me. Done right, it’s excellent,” Philip says.

After a chance meeting over tacos, then drinks, with his current business partner Niklas, the plan for Slurp Ramen Joint was born. “It was one of those nights where you get drinks and more drinks, and you’re drunk and everything seems like a great idea. But the next morning, it still seemed like a great idea, so we went for it!” Philip laughs.

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The restaurant opened in February 2017 to almost immediate acclaim. Case-in-point: we have to wait 30 minutes just to get a space to take photos for this article, even though we arrive fifteen minutes after opening.

The space is small, but that’s all part of the charm. Though there is only bar seating, it doesn’t feel cramped thanks to clean lines, minimal decor and light wood (we’re in Copenhagen, after all).

And the ramen? I mean, come on. It’s fabulous. Tasty, comforting, hearty; just as it should be. But we only take a few minutes to savour (and snap a few pics); this is express hygge and it’s damn delightful.


Head to Slurp Ramen Joint for a bowl of the good stuff!

→ Slurp Ramen

Nansensgade 90
1366 København K

Opening Hours:
Tues – Sat 5:00 – 10:00 pm
Mon & Sun Closed

NB: No reservations, walk-in only. This place fills up fast so if you want a table for later in the evening, go as close to opening as possible and put your name down.

This article was originally published 22 October 2018.

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