How to Send the Perfect Gift in Denmark

There is a wide array of gift delivery services in Copenhagen, from getting food delivered to international courier services. Whatever kind of present you’d like to give someone, you can get it delivered to someone who lives in Copenhagen!

It’s just about knowing the right companies, that way you organize delivery quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking to send a “thinking of you” gift to a friend or celebrating something special like a birthday or wedding, there are gift delivery services for you!

Here are the best international and local gift delivery services in Copenhagen for gifts, flowers, food, and more:

International Flower Delivery

Gift Card Experience

Local Delivery Services

Courier Services


International Flower Delivery Services in Copenhagen

List Marker: Number 1Euroflorist

Another floral service that’s quick, easy to use, and will ensure your loved ones get a beautiful bouquet. Order online for an instant gift!




List Marker: Number 2Interflora

Send gorgeous bouquets of flowers – either internationally or locally – with Interflora. Many flower shops in Copenhagen work in partnership with Interflora, so you can either send the flowers directly from those shops (look for the Interflora logo inside the shop), or you can do it entirely online. Whether you want a carefully chosen bouquet or a single type of flower, Interflora has a huge range of stunning options that everyone will love.




Send an Gift Card for an Experience in Denmark

Instead of gift delivery, how about sending a gift card for an experience? True Story is a go-to gift service for Danish locals, provides deals on things like massages, couple dinners, private chefs, creative jewellery and leather workshops, and more, for locations all over Denmark including Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, and Odense. Check out the following categories to find what’s right for you.

Our favourites include a sourdough course at La Cabra Bakery, a ceramics course at Barro in Aarhus, and even a private helicopter tour! If in doubt, a dinner at new Nordic restaurant Marv & Ben is a perfect gift for most Danes.

Spa & Wellness Experiences gift card

Food Experiences gift card

Romantic & Couples Experiences gift card

Outdoor, Nature & Hiking gift card

Adrenalin Experiences gift card

Culture & Creative Experiences gift card

From rock climbing to oyster shucking, there are experiences to suit every kind of person, passion, and curiosity!

PST! Unfortunately the True Story website is only in Danish, but we recommend using the Google Chrome Translate extension to translate the site to your preferred language.




Local Delivery Services in Copenhagen

List Marker: Number 1Cookie Aisle

Fresh-baked cookies made to order? Yes please! The Cookie Aisle makes delicious cookies with flavors like dark and milk chocolate chip with brown butter and roasted hazelnuts. They’re not too sweet, perfectly baked, and really taste like they just came out of the oven. There are regular drops, so stay up to date on their Instagram page. All pre-orders are made through direct message (@thecookieaisle_). Thank us later.

These do need to be picked up, but it’s oh-so-worth it!




List Marker: Number 3Le Panier

If you’re looking for the perfect gift basket, look no further! The “Apero” basket from Le Panier includes wine (Vin Supernatural), bread (Galst), cheese (Helges Ost), chocolate (Social Foodies), and flowers (Flavo). Baskets are delivered on Friday; what a delicious way to help a loved one start the weekend.




List Marker: Number 4Aeris Cocktails

Who doesn’t want to receive a cocktail in the mail? Aeris makes bottled cocktails that come in lovely square bottles (they can be refilled at a discount, by the way). From classics like a margarita or an old fashioned, to more fun flavors like the grapefruit margarita, there’s a tipple for every taste. What a great alternative to flowers, if you want to wish a loved one, “cheers!”





List Marker: Number 5Munchies

Even more fresh baked cookies! Think: gooey insides, big as your face, fun flavors…all the things you want in a cookie. Order them in packs of 6, 12, or 18, and then pop them in the oven for a few minutes for a decadent treat.




List Marker: Number 6Wolt

Wolt offers both food and market (groceries) delivery. It can be used either for yourself, of course, or to send something delicious to a friend. Simply use their address instead of your own when ordering food and voila, a meal is on the way! This is ideal for when a friend has a new baby or isn’t feeling well.

Use the code SCANDIEATS to get 25 DKK off your first Wolt purchase. This also gives us a credit commission. Enjoy!






Courier Services in Copenhagen

List Marker: Number 1Bring

If you already have a gift you want to ship out, Bring has a wonderful courier service that can be used locally or internationally. They’re reliable, fast, and make the process easy.


List Marker: Number 2Courier Copenhagen

If you need to send packages via local mail or courier, Fed Ex, or UPS, Courier Copenhagen has everything you need. They make the service simple, and you can even have packages delivered to their location for pick-up if you’re going to be out of town.

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