Copenhagen Street Style Unfiltered, Autumn Edition

Although we adore a good bit of fashion week street style, it’s not real street style, is it? I mean, it’s real in that it exists, sure, but it’s not what we see on the streets day-to-day. The day-to-day is what makes a city’s fashion sense so interesting and reflective of the zeitgeist. It’s what defines “Scandi-style” or “Copenhagen-style” in all its minimalist, athleisure glory. It’s why we find fashion in Denmark worth covering on this site in the first place.

We teamed up with Instax Fujifilm and hit the pavement, between fashion weeks, to bring you a peek into everyday looks around the city.

Check out the people and fashions of autumn in Copenhagen through our lens:


They might fly off in the Autumn winds, but who cares? You’re wearing a fucking awesome hat!



Bold patterns

Just because you’re in Scandinavia doesn’t mean you’re stuck in black.




Bonus points for double denim.


All photos by Josef Brock

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