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Danish Beauty and Skincare Brands You’ll Love

Ever wondered what keeps the Danes so fresh-faced? It’s not just winter bathing and snaps. Danish beauty and skincare has always emphasized the importance of a less-is-more aesthetic, with most Danish skincare brands embracing natural and organic ingredients that have been used for generations.

Following in Scandinavian design philosophy, everything is effective, easy to fit into the everyday, and beautifully packaged in minimalist designs.

These are the best Danish beauty and skincare brands to buy right now


NUORI was launched by Jasmi Bonnén, formerly of L’Oréal, in 2015 with a philosophy rooted in freshly blended skincare. Industry standards, that require all cosmetic products to have a visible expiry date unless the products lasts longer than 30 months, have resulted in many skincare brands using synthetic preservatives, stabilizing agents, and other harsh chemicals to get their product to last. Vitamins also lose their potency after a few months of blending, so many of these products have lost all their benefits long before they’re finished.

NUORI blends effective, natural ingredients in small batches every 10-12 weeks to ensure the customer is receiving the freshest product, bursting with efficiency.

The products are simple and fit into everyday routines with ease, but if you’re looking for something more grandiose than a sweep of serum first thing in the morning, we recommend their Nordic Home Spa Kit. Inspired by the Nordic approach to wellbeing and beauty, combined with NUORI’s freshness philosophy, this kit containing the Vital Foaming Cleanser, Supreme Polishing Treatment, Infinity Bio-Fusion Serum, Supreme Moisture Mask, and Lip Treat, creates a spa experience from the comfort of your bathroom.

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Perfecting Body Oil

Lip Treat in Copenhagen

Infinity Bio-Renewal Night


Rudolph Care

It may seem counterintuitive for a Danish skincare brand to focus on creating sun protection, given how little sun there is for 30% of the year, but as the most important step in any skincare routine, Rudolph is bang on the money. Everything is made in Denmark, with the utmost care paid towards the brand’s sustainability, accountability, and transparency. The products themselves are effective and lightweight: their sunscreen is so wearable even children don’t complain and their Acai facial oil is a cult favorite, loved by the Copenhagen-cool crowd.


Acai Body Scrub

Herbal Mint Shampoo

Acai Body Balm


GOB Skincare

GOB SkinCare was established in Denmark in 2016 by two sisters, Najad and Muna M. Ahmed. The company is inspired by the raw, natural skincare ingredients that women in East Africa have been using for generations, with a focus on products that cleanse without stripping the skin and natural oils.

They also have a fairly comprehensive skincare guide that lists ingredients, their clogging factor, and the skin concern they’re best suited for.


Sweet Almond Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil from Kenya



Tromborg combines a love of natural ingredients with cutting-edge research that they do in-house. They have a range of high-end skincare, makeup, fragrance, and home goods that are extremely popular in Denmark. Tromborg’s products cares for skin by using high-quality natural ingredients, blended for effective formulas. Their addition of essential oils pushes them over the line, however, as the aromas from them add a layer of luxury to your daily ritual.


Volumizing Mascara Black

Anti-Cellulite Treatment Serum

Eye Gel



Founded in Copenhagen in 1999 by former model Mette Skjaerbaek, Karmameju has long been committed to organic skin care. The line has many heavy hitters (a multipurpose calming balm; a redness-reducing face mist; a three-in-one micellar water that cleanses, tones, and hydrates), but the real star is undoubtedly its collection of dry brushes, which is already a favorite exfoliating tool for the CAP crowd. Crafted from sustainably sourced beechwood and natural bristles, the brushes look just as good as they feel.


Swish Shampoo

Love Face Mist

Renew Face Brush


Kjær Weis

Founded in New York City by Danish makeup artist Kjær Weis, Kjær Weis has quickly become a darling of the those in-the-know of the cosmetics industry. Her formulas are organic but are still long-lasting and high quality, and the packaging is to-die-for. All items can be refilled; the refills cost less than the original products, so you save money over time.


Glow Bronzer

Lip Gloss in Courage

Cream Eye Shadow in Entincing


Ole Henriksen

The Ole Henriksen brand began life in a spa, so you know this is seriously indulgent. The experience starts before anything touches your skin, as each product is brimming with fragrances like juicy orange or warming rose. The packaging follows suit, as easily distinguishable ranges come in bright oranges, deep blues, tropical greens, or berry purples. This is nature enhanced.


Banana Serum

Dark Spot Toner

Retin-ALT Sleeping Crème



NatureCell products are all made in Denmark and the brand was the first approved CBD skincare product range on the Danish market. The products are developed in collaboration with professional skincare specialists and their goal is to provide the best skincare without any harmful chemicals. CBD has fast become the next big thing, winding up in chocolate, candles, and even clothing. It was only a matter of time before it took over the beauty industry.

Touted for its calming and healing abilities – it’s even recommended for acne – due to its naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties. NatureCell has a range of day and night creams that easily work into your routine, but their CBD Oil gives the most intense care.


24/7 Lip Balm

Nourishing Hand Cream


Raaw by trice

RAAW By Trice makes clean beauty products with certified organic and wild-harvested ingredients – because in Scandinavia, even beauty products are foraged. RAAW takes a holistic approach to beauty, understanding that skin is our largest organ and is therefore crucial to our overall health. By blending active, natural ingredients like charcoal, blue tansy, and tamanu oil, RAAW has created a line of creams, serums, and oils that have reach cult status.


Blue Beauty Drops

Ocean Dew Hydrating Mist

Laminaria Eye Creme



Although targeted at men, the Barberians range can be used by all. Their skincare line includes hyadisine, an ingredient used for hydration that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, but it’s their shaving kits that really impress. Their beard oil is particularly beloved in Denmark’s cold climate.


Burned Pine Beard Oil

Safety Razor

Super Silvertip Shaving Brush

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