Entering the Space Age with the Acrylic JALG TV Stand

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Television stands have become a must-have in most homes, but the range of styles can seem limited. Do you want wood or powdered steel? That’s typically the full buffet. Now, both of those options are elegant, long-lasting, and easy to fit into most decor choices. But what if you want something a little more fun, a little more colorful?

Luckily, JALG Minimalist TV Stand has developed a collection inspired by mid-century, Space Age design. “As Our main line, ‘Wooden Collection,’ was also been inspired by this era, so there are a lot of ways to explore this time period,” says JALG co-founder and Creative Director Veiko Kallas.



“Space Age design is often typified by plastic or fiberglass as a main component, with soft curvature enabled by the material’s properties. The style is characterized by its heavy use of glass, steel, neon, up-swept roofs, and geometric shapes. It presents forms symbolic of motion. Towards the end of the ’50s, new technical perspectives combined with an interest in abstract futuristic shapes led to what is known as Space Age design. If I could describe the aesthetic of this collection in a few words, they would be: playful and retro-futuristic minimalism!”

Kallas notes that the company has always had an interest in Space Age design, and was motivated to bring it into JALG’s universe because the brand wanted something different in the product range. “We wanted a look that had a more electric energy. The Acrylic collection satisfies a more bold or creative interior vision,” he explains.



The JALG Minimalist TV Stand is the ideal marriage of aesthetic and functional sensibilities, so it makes sense to cater to a range of aesthetics and interior needs.

In terms of the uses of the TV stand, the Acrylic collection doesn’t differ from the wood or steel versions: it provides a place for the TV to sit, can be easily moved as needed, and hides electronic clutter. JALG turns your TV into a design object in a way that makes it feel cohesive with the rest of your interior decor.



“When you choose the Acrylic collection, you’re opting for something with color and light-reflecting features, which can really add to a space. Either it’s a pop of color, or it fits into an overall color scheme. Either way, the really slim silhouette means it doesn’t take up too much visual – or literal – space,” says Veiko.

In addition to the Space Age inspiration, Veiko notes that there’s a certain quirky charm to the Acrylic collection. The design can even be appetising. “Literally, the Acrylic Collection looks like those colorful glass candies,” Veiko laughs. “So if you have children, you better have the real candies at home too!”

JALG Minimalist TV Stand won the Red Dot Design Award in 2024, showcasing their product design innovation. The Red Dot Design Award is an international, annual design competition highlighting the best in design from industrial design to brand communications and design concepts.



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