How Do I Put Together My TV Stand?

A minimalist wooden tv stand by JALG
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JALG Minimalist TV Stand, a design object created in Estonia with Scandinavian and Japanese design traditions in mind, has been designed to be visually simple. It is easy to use, easy to move, and easy to assemble. But we’ve heard that before, right? We’ve all experienced the “ease” of an IKEA bookshelf: starting out with energy and hope, only find yourself exhausted hours later, surrounded by planks and loose screws, single Allen wrench dangling from your hand.

JALG assembly doesn’t require any specific skills; it can be done in 5–10 minutes by only one person.

If, however, if you have a TV larger than 55”, it’s safer for two people to do together; as larger TVs tend to be heavy.


Need step-by-step instructions to set up your JALG Minimalist TV Stand? Let’s go through it:

Attach Legs

Assemble the legs to the base, with the base laying flat on the ground.

Attach Brackets

Using M5 screws, attach the VESA brackets to the base. Choose the fixing holes according to the VESA holes alignment on your TV.

Connect Threaded Rods

Attach the threaded rods to the lower VESA holes on the TV. Screw the distance adjustment nut on the threaded rods.

Place and Align TV

Place the TV on the stand vertically, with the threaded rods going through the vertical grooves. IMPORTANT: Align the front of the TV with the front of the stand frame. Adjust the distance-adjustment nuts accordingly.

Secure with Wingnut

Attach the fixing wingnut to the threaded rod. You’re done!



Jalg TV Stand


We spoke with the co-founder of JALG, Veiko Kallas, about important points to know about your TV stand:

What is something consumers should keep in mind when they put their JALG Minimalist TV Stand together?

Our customers love that they see results in 5 minutes! What’s more fun is that you can move around with it and find the perfect place(s) you’d like to position your TV. And you don’t even have to drill holes in your walls!


JALG can be combined with SONOS and AVOLT. Can you explain how these three components work together?

JALG, SONOS, and AVOLT are a great match. These all combine simple, practical, and aesthetic design.

Jalg + Sonos

SONOS offers its users a better sound solution than perhaps most TVs. It’s also very easy to integrate seamlessly with JALG stand soundbar brackets. SONOS sound bar has an elegant design that matches aesthetically with the minimalist JALG.

A minimalist tv stand with a tv on it.

Shop SONOS Soundbar


Jalg + AVOLT

AVOLT is a Swedish brand. Their design is simple and elegant as well. We all have many extension cables at home, but why do they have to look ugly? Every detail counts in your living environment, and often the smallest details are the most valuable.

AVOLT and JALG offer a clutter-free atmosphere around your media systems. AVOLT has different connections such as a regular power outlet and USB, so you can connect all your devices, including the SONOS sound bar, router, and Apple TV behind your TV. When you connect your devices with AVOLT, only one power cable is visible, and it’s beautiful. You don’t even want it to be hidden, as AVOLT offers a wide variety of colours to match your interior.

It’s cool to play with it and match it with your TV stand and interior.

A minimalist tv with wires attached to it.



Why was it important to you to make the stand compatible with other elements?

To design a product for another product is an interesting task. The main purpose of designing a minimalist stand is to combine it with the TV to achieve a stylish, clutter-free look, so it makes sense to combine the elements that often accompany a TV, such as cords and sound systems.


What are some styling tips and inspiration you can offer JALG customers in regards to the TV stand?

First, choose whether you prefer more classic look, such as natural oak or walnut:

A minimalist living room with wooden floors, a TV, and a JALG TV stand.


Or a more contemporary style, such as black or white legs with a red cable:

A minimalist living room with a white TV stand.


If you want to have a stand with a stronger Japanese design element, consider a stand finished in Yakisugi (焼杉), a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation carried out by charring the wood with fire.

A minimalist TV stand supporting a sleek black TV in a room.


Think about whether you want the result to blend in with the interior or stand out.

A minimalist tv stand stands in front of a white wall.

It’s important to note that you can easily move the TV stand, which gives you the flexibility to easily change your interior.



JALG Minimalist TV Stand is now available for purchase on their website, at Illums Bolighus, and at MOBEL CPH.

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