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The Cobra series, a popular collection from Danish silversmith brand Georg Jensen, was created by German designer Constantin Wortmann in 2011. Typically a lighting designer, Wortmann brings his sense of playfulness with light to what has quickly become a bestseller in the Georg Jensen universe. The Cobra candlesticks in particular ca be seen in many Danish homes.

What began with the iconic candlestick has become a full home and tableware collection, spanning from lamps to plates to salt and pepper shakers. The thread that keeps the collection cohesive is the curve, or ripple, in the silhouette. It’s gentle while still being distinctive, and always catches the light.



The Cobra candlesticks are classic for a reason; the curves of the piece look beautiful whether you have one, two, or even more standing together. The shape is in dialogue with the flame of the candle when lit, creating a sense of movement that’s tranquil and transfixing.

The stainless steel of the Cobra candleholders, bowls, and table lamps provides an incredible shine and hardness that has, until now, characterized the Cobra look.



The latest extension of the collection, the table service, adds a softer touch to the series thanks to the tactility of the porcelain. It still retains the same shining look with its waved structure, but there’s something more grounded and homey to it because of the new choice of material.

Here are the Cobra collection pieces that will look great on your table:

Georg Jensen Cobra Plates and Bowls

The Cobra porcelain table service includes an entrée plate, salad plate, and soup bowl.

Separately the pieces look beautiful, but when stacked they create a harmonious wave that’s still dynamic. This is a sophisticated table service that can be used every day, or as a “special occasion” set (do people still do that?).




Georg Jensen Cobra Cups and Glasses

It’s difficult to make a cup or mug that’s truly different; functionality always has to come first, of course. The Cobra glassware and porcelain mugs, however, manage to be both an eye-catching shape and totally useful.

The wave in the center provides a place to rest your hand, while also calling back to the Cobra collection look. The porcelain mugs are thick to keep your coffee or tea warm, and making them possible to hold when they contain hot liquids.

Whether used on their own or paired with the rest of the Cobra tableware collection, the cups and mugs are a minimalist and unique take on typical drink ware.




Georg Jensen Cobra Table Accessories

Additional table accessories elevate the Cobra collection. Rendered in glass or stainless steel, items like egg cups, carafes, salt and pepper shakers, and serving plates fill out the series, making it useful for any occasion.

The stainless steel bowls, in particular, are must-haves from the collection. They’re ideal for decoration, bringing a sculptural shape to the centre of the table.



Shop the Cobra collection for home and table from Georg Jensen.

Photography by Freya McOmish.

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