The Best Scandinavian Candleholders to Buy

So you’ve bought your Scandinavian candles, now you need something to put them in. Thankfully, Scandinavian brands design some of the best candlesticks, from modernist to classic.

These are the best Scandinavian candleholders to buy now:

Georg Jensen Candleholders

The standing design, height, and weight of Georg Jensen’s Cobra makes it reminiscent of antique candlesticks, but the fluid curves and mirror-polished stainless steel inject modernity into the final product. Georg Jensen is known for making metal appear to be liquid and these candlesticks are no different. They look best with a brilliant white candle to fully set off their shine.

Georg Jensen Cobra Candleholder


MENU Candleholders

Taken from the Latin word for “extend”, the Duca is a versatile single candlestick: loosen the screw on the slender stem, lift the candle to your desired height, then tighten the screw again to lock it in place. Cast in polished or bronzed brass with a rattan detail wrapped around the lower half, the Duca has a warm and welcoming look that adds instant hygge.

With a smoked glass bowl suspended on fine brass legs, the Echasse lives up to its name – which means stilts in french. This shape welcomes a large tealight and the hazy glass diffuses the light beautifully. It makes for a striking feature on a coffee table, or can be paired with the matching vase for a unified design experience.

MENU Duca Candlestick

Echasse Hurricane




Muuto Candleholders

This striking design of the Muuto Open Candelabra is a contemporary take on a classic design, with three candles spaced in a symmetrical line but without the usual branching arms. The result is a simple yet bold shape, one that sits well in a windowsill or at the center of a table.

Muuto Open Candelabra


Design House Candleholders

Scandinavian design loves function, and what’s more functional than Design House’s Candelabra with moving parts? The smooth interlocking curves of this design can be twisted and moved to suit whatever space it sits in, or folded completely flat for a satisfying wooden feature. The lacquered wood finish works perfectly with the stripped wooden decor of most Scandinavian homes, though it’s sure to work in just about any setting.

Design House Nordic Light Candelabra



Normann Candleholders

This minimalist candleholder is a reinvention of a classical chamber candlestick and will have you walking around the house like Ebenezer Scrooge. The small handles on the Nocto Candlestick makes transportation easy, while the pin secures the candle. The nightshirt and cap will have to be provided by you, however.

Normann Nocto Candlestick


Kähler Candleholders

These sweet little dumplings crafted from porcelain are beautiful enough to work without a candle, so the fact that they work well as a candleholder is almost an added bonus. The distinctive Hammershøi design features ridges and furrows that tie the entire range together. We suggest opting for a selection of different heights, widths, and colors, to make an organic and expressive light feature.

Hammershøi Candle holder indigo

Hammershøi Candle holder birch



Hay Candleholders

A candleholder that will have you watching the candle burn. It sounds like watching paint dry, but there’s actually something kind of thrilling about the self-extinguishing design of HAY’s Moment candle holder. As the candle burns down, the hood, suspended above the flame, eventually drops before the wick burns out. No more waxy ends stuck in the bottom of your candlestick! It’s also a striking design, crafted in black zinc alloy with a weighty feel and substantial base.

Shaped almost like a safety pin, these fun, the colorful Kutter candle holders can be built up against one another to create new displays – like a full circle or zig-zig – or used alone. Each end fits an average candle and tealight for a light effect with multiple levels.

Moment Candle Holder

Kutter Candle Holder



Arket Candleholders

The tealight candleholder from Arket has a gentle bowl-like top that opens up like a flower, making this a bright and happy little design. It’s crafted from earthenware, made in Portugal, and fits a standard tealight – or a pillar candle if you can find the right size.

Tealight candleholder


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