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What do you think of when you think of Scandinavia? Minimalism? Hygge? Eco-friendly? Or perhaps your mind wanders to candles? You wouldn’t be wrong for considering the latter, Big Candle really has its hooks in the Scandinavian nations.

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would point out that it is MIGHTY convenient that the candle business is booming here in darkest Scandinavia. Why all the darkness, huh? Does it have to do the rotation of the Earth around the sun and our position in relation to the Earth’s tilted axis…or is it the powerful candle lobby?! You decide.

Anyway, when it’s dark and cold outside, there’s nothing more hygge than dotting your home with Scandinavian candles. Danes even use candles in spring and summer; I posit that this has to do with Danes preferring low and local-lighting rather than harsh overhead lights.

Here are our favorite candles, from scented to eco candles, whether you want them for added light and warmth, are looking to add something beautiful to your decor, or want to evoke a Scandinavian minimalist candle display.


Amoln Candles

The Malmö-based company is inspired by the wistful beauty of clouds, handcrafting baby blue candles that emulate clouds’ silhouettes and shadows when their flames flicker. Their scents take inspiration from every part of the world a cloud can reach, from Finnish Lily of the Valley to Japanese tea, but also from less tangible sources, like the smell of a father who never wore commercial perfume. Each hand-poured candle is made with a vegetable-based wax and high quality ingredients, finished in a hand-painted glass jar.

Use the code SCANDI for free delivery for your Amoln Candles within Europe.



In terms of look and scent, it doesn’t get much more Scandi than this. Each candle comes in a beautiful glass votive with a simple Scandinavian design. The scents are subtle and very much inspired by the Scandinavian landscape. We also love their deep-glow printed wax Hygge candles, which are unscented and offer, respectively, 70 and 100 hours of hygge.



L:A Bruket

Perhaps you know L:A Bruket for soap, but the Swedish brand make some pretty marvelous candles too. Their delicious scents carry over to the small but perfect range of candles, which include corriander (divisive, I know), grapefruit, black oak, and their signature tabac.




“Intrigued by the creative possibilities of scent”, Byredo founder and Stockholm native Ben Gorham draws inspiration from his life and travels to create the luxury label’s cult fragrances. Formulated using quality raw ingredients, each fragrance tells a story. Like the Bibliothèque, inspired by the timeless scent of libraries and their ability to transport us into other worlds. It’s a big task for a bit of wax. It’s the candle of choice for minimalist candle fans.

Pssst! For a limited time Ikea and Byredo have joined forces to launch a limited-edition range of exclusive candles, in a range of sizes running from $5 to $25.


Ten of the 13 scents – Tea Leaves & Verbena, Pomegranate & Amber, Basil & Mint, Fig & Cypress, Peach Blossom & Bamboo, Lilac & Amber, Rose & Raspberries, Cotton Flower & Apple Blossom, Sandalwood & Vanilla, and Tobacco & Honey – will be available at Ikea stores and online starting 1 November 2020.

Come February 2021, the other three scents — Cassis & Freesia, Swedish Birch & Juniper, and Firewood & Spice — will join the collection.


&Other Stories

A highstreet favorite that offers a perfectly currated collection of candles for very fair prices. Their candles are scented in accordance with locations, like the Fågelbärsgården, inspired by a small, almost hidden park just around the corner from their Stockholm Atelier. Scents include things like white sage and basil, with a burn time of 50 hours.



Muro Scents Candles

Swedish brand Muro Scents enhance your surroundings with natural fragrances. The vegan candles contain Muro’s signature fragrances and the packaging, inspired by caveman drawings, is a graphic and bold addition to a room. Muro favours earthy, heavy, and rich scents which are great for creating hygge.




Victor Vaissier

Technically French, but Swedish owned, so we’d be remis not to include it on a Scandinavian candle guide. Look at that typography! The candles are hand poured and filled with french fragrance oils. The current scents include Bouquet Blanc (Jasmine, White Orchid), Noir 89 (Sandalwood & Musk), Figue du Japon (Black Figue & Vetiver), Verveine (Lemongrass & Verbena), La Forêt (Red Currant & Juniper), and Saison Bleu (Cinnamon & Vanilla).




Broste Copenhagen

Though they do have scented candle options, Broste really shines in the simplicity-department. We love a good collection of candles, and Broste’s textured selection makes any grouping look a bit more lively. They’re affordable and fit into any decor.



Mirins Copenhagen

Soy candles infused with essential oils for a natural, earthy smell. They burn very clean (meaning you don’t get all the sooty smoke) and come in two sizes; the larger of which comes in a beautiful reusable jar. Recommended for when you need to destress after a long day!


Soy Lites

Also made from soy, these South African-made candles have been a big hit in Denmark. For good reason; they’re simple, less expensive than most glass votive candles and come in both scented and unscented versions.

Soy Lites unscented candle | Scandianvia Standard - An Illuminating Candle Guide

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