An Illuminating Candle Guide

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would point out that it is MIGHTY convenient that the candle business is booming here in darkest Denmark. Why all the darkness, huh? Does it have to do the rotation of the Earth around the sun and our position in relation to the Earth’s tilted axis…or is it the powerful candle lobby?! You decide. The truth is out there.

Anyway, when it’s dark and cold outside, there’s nothing more hyggeligt than dotting your home with candles. Danes even use candles in spring and summer; I posit that this has to do with Danes preferring low and local-lighting rather than harsh overhead lights.

Here are our favorite candles, whether you want them for added light and warmth, or are looking to add something beautiful to your decor.



In terms of look and scent, it doesn’t get much more Scandi than this. Each candle comes in a beautiful glass votive with a simple design. The scents are subtle and very much inspired by the Scandinavian landscape. We also love their deep-glow printed wax Hygge candles, which are unscented and offer, respectively, 70 and 100 hours of hygge.


Broste Copenhagen

Though they do have scented candle options, Broste really shines in the simplicity-department. We love a good collection of candles, and Broste’s textured selection makes any grouping look a bit more lively. They’re affordable and fit into any decor.


Soys Ecologist Candles

Simple soy candles that come in a number of colors, scents and shapes, including packs of tea lights. This is a Danish company is committed to providing earth and air-friendly candles. A big benefit of soy, besides that they’re better for your lungs and home, is that they burn much slower than wax.



Starting at 350DKK/candle, these are no cheap addition to the home. The scents, however, are absolutely top notch. I don’t even particularly like scented candles (childhood nightmares of vanilla-scented Yankee Candle), but the Roses candle (and eau de toilette) is one of my all time most comforting smells. I only burn mine once in a while but the delicate scent lingers for hours afterwards.

Diptque Roses Candle | Scandinavia Standard - An Illuminating Candle Guide



These candles veer more into “cool” and less into “hygge,” but we like ’em anyway. With two options – No. 1 & No. 2 – in musky scents and with Non Objective font on their black votives, this is a great gift for the person who is into typography. Bonus: the scents were mixed by Skandinavisk.


Mirins Copenhagen

Soy candles infused with essential oils for a natural, earthy smell. They burn very clean (meaning you don’t get all the sooty smoke) and come in two sizes; the larger of which comes in a beautiful reusable jar. Recommended for when you need to destress after a long day!


Soy Lites

Also made from soy, these South African-made candles have been a big hit in Denmark. For good reason; they’re simple, less expensive than most glass votive candles and come in both scented and unscented versions.

Soy Lites unscented candle | Scandianvia Standard - An Illuminating Candle Guide


Your local supermarket

If you’re looking for basic wax candles on the cheap in Denmark, go no further than your closest Netto or Fakta. You can usually get a pack of 12 tapered candles for 20 DKK, or a block light for 6-12 DKK. Also, Irma sometimes has great bulk deals. Easy peasy!

Supermarket Candles in Denmark - Irma | Scandinavia Standard - An Illuminating Candle Guide

Header image: Skandinavisk

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