Georg Jensen’s Bloom Botanica is the Latest in Floral Design

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In 2000, Danish designer Helle Damkjær created the Bloom bowl for Georg Jensen, a stunning piece of design that can now be seen at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, as well as homes around the world.

The bowl, a minimalist yet sculptural design that evokes the petals of a flower with minimal detailing, became an instant classic in the Georg Jensen universe. The designer, Helle Damkjær, has designed a tribute collection twenty years later to celebrate the ongoing success of the bowl and to bring her signature soft, organic shapes back to stainless steel.


The collection, called Bloom Botanica, features three vases, tea lights, and candlesticks. The pieces are all stainless steel, with openings that replicate gently blooming flower petals. One of Damkjær’s strengths as a designer is her ability to bring warm tactility to traditionally cold or rigid materials. That can be seen clearly as a red thread in the stainless steel design from the Bloom bowl to Bloom Botanica. It takes incredible skill to make stainless steel seem light and organic, but that’s exactly what Helle Damkjær has done here.

Helle notes, “My design language is very close to the modern DNA of Georg Jensen’s design language, created by Henning Koppel and Viviana Torun Bulow-Hube. I have admired them for as long as I can remember and they have both influenced my works greatly. The Bloom Botanica vases are perfect in stainless steel because it is practical, the material reflect the light beautifully and add an elegance to any flower arrangements.”


The Bloom Botanica pieces expand the Bloom bowl universe by creating a variety of options and price points, as well as a silhouette that fits into a myriad of interior styles. What’s so special about floral designs is their universality.

For minimalist interior styles, the sleek steel is ideal, while for romantic or bohemian interior styles, the softness of the organic petal shape is a perfect match. On their own or with flowers, the vases are beautiful sculptures.

The tea lights and candlesticks look just as good standing empty on a table as they do with candles shining inside.


The original shape of the bowl was inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms, and Bloom Botanica’s extension collection takes that inspiration and digs in deeper, representing the shape of new blooms emerging after the colder months – something Scandinavians certainly look forward to intensely every year. Now, this collection can bring that feeling to a space year-round.

Helle says, “Nature is part of us and we tend to feel better surrounded with pleasant harmonious shapes.”


Helle’s process always begins with white clay; she works to get just the right shape and curve to the pieces before casting them and producing in stainless steel. The tactility of the clay reverberates through the steel design – there is something soft about her work that is inexplicable yet inevitable.


These special pieces are sure to become immediate favorites among flower lovers, Scandinavian design buffs, and those with an eye for organic shapes.

Helle says that the vases are ideal for a variety of floral arrangements, noting, “You can literally put anything from minimalist flower and leaf to a full bouquet: whatever reflects your mood, interior or what you just happen to find in your yard or flower shop.” As an extension of the Bloom bowl, the collection both carries on that piece’s tradition and brings something new to the series.


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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.