How Do You Sofa? Getting Comfortable with Sofacompany

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One of the best aspects of Danish design is the concept of investing in your home. Never has this philosophy seemed more important than in the last few months, when lockdown was introduced to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Our homes and how we are able to exist in them became a coping mechanism, as more time was spent surrounded by the same four walls than ever before. This global health crisis shone a light on how important they are, and the heart of the home even more so.

Sofacompany, the direct-to-consumer Danish furniture company, believes the sofa is exactly that.

Sofa’s are the “one piece of furniture that can really change how a room feels, and the one piece that you’ll probably use most often in your home.” Since lockdown, it’s hard to disagree.

Our sofas have been our base camps, where we’ve worked when we couldn’t get into the office, caught up on reading lists, watched movies we’ve been meaning to see for months, called love ones we’re desperate to see again, eaten when we’re too lazy to cook, laughed with housemates, cried with stress, built forts, cuddled, napped; in short, where we’ve lived.

Our sofas are at the center of everything we do, so we brought Sofacompany into the heart of our home:

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