Sofacompany Brings Danish Design to The Heart of the Home

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Sofacompany envisions a world where buying a well-designed and high-quality sofa isn’t overly expensive or difficult. Purchasing a sofa that’s both reasonably-priced and stylish can feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to feel that way.

They are a direct-to-consumer brand; what Warby Parker has done for glasses and Away have done for suitcases, Sofacompany is doing for sofas. By focusing on how people want to buy their furniture and allowing for personalisation, Sofacompany takes a lot of the stress out of the process and instead offers an easy way to bring a sofa, daybed, or chair into your home.

Launched in 2012 by Cathrine and Christian Rudolph, the brand began because the duo believed that Danish design furniture was timeless, and that classic silhouettes were about to come back in style. They first approached a number of manufactures to produce their design, but were met with rejections. Convinced that they were onto something special, they did something unconventional: they established a factory in Vietnam. The gave themselves six months to test the market, but the project became immensely popular and they decided to continue producing sofas.


     Clockwise, from upper left: Asta sofa and Flora chairs; Flora Chair by @ssarahjacobsen; Alex daybed/bench by @cph.muse; Ellis sofa by @trinesblend

Today, Sofacompany’s HQ consists of more than 40 co-workers across departments, including CEO Henrik Andersen and CMO Simon Peschcke-Køedt. “The idea behind managing our own factory is that we can control the sourcing, the pricing, and all the ethical aspects,” explains Simon. “We know exactly how our workers are treated, because we’re there. The factory also enables so many things; we can try out designs in small batches to see if people like them. Then we can discontinue the design, or order 500 more pieces, depending on how people respond. It allows us to be really quick on our toes.”

Sofacompany believes that a sofa the one piece of furniture that can really change how a room feels, and the one piece that you’ll probably use most often in your home. One of their mantras is that the sofa is the heart of the home. It needs to be comfortable, durable, and suited to your aesthetic tastes. Sofacompany’s design team in their Danish HQ is consistently reworking classic silhouettes and bringing in interesting fabrics. The company also makes ottomans, daybeds, and chairs.

     Henry Sofa


Though they have quite a lot of minimalist pieces – both in style and color – they also have a range of more fun and florid furniture. From purple velvet to cognac leather, there’s something for every style. The design department, which consists of 3 in-house designers, also collaborates with outside designers, such as Steffensen & Wurthz, and with other brands and influencers.

But if you don’t find the sofa that’s right for you on their website, they have a solution for that too: design your own! Choose from a large selection of styles, sizes, legs, colors, and textiles so you get the sofa that’s exactly right for you.

     Clockwise, from upper left: Vilmar sofa by @kristianbrandt; Holm sofa; Johan sofa by @drewmusic; Herman sofa by @trinebrunsvig

As committed as the brand is to aesthetics, so too are they committed to sustainability as a core part of what they do, and it’s something they are always working to improve. “All of our wood is mostly FSC certified, and we’re working on having only certified wood,” says Simon. “We have a number of projects that are sustainability-focused [Editor’s note: more on this soon. Some very cool things in the works!]. One thing that’s just launched is a sofa where you can replace the fabric.” This allows you to keep the frame for longer, clean the fabric as needed, and then recycle it when you’d like to move on to a new style. Their first sustainability initiative that involves accessories is the Velvet Ocean rug, made from upcycled fabric leftovers.

In addition to sustainability, Sofacompany takes their customer service seriously, including checking in with new customers about their sofas. “Our Logistics Manager loves getting on the phone with people who have just bought a sofa!” Simon laughs. They’re also always looking to improve customer experience: “We’re figuring out how to do a kind of ‘sofa carpool,’ ” Simon explains, “which would mean that if a customer would rather have a cheaper shipping price and is willing to hang around their apartment for a certain amount of time, we can deliver multiple sofas to various locations on the same day. It’s a service that’s currently in the works!”


     Astha sofa


Sofacompany’s price points are reasonable, in large part because they’ve cut out all possible middlemen and sell directly to customers. They only sell through their website and their showrooms. Though they’re currently in ten countries, they’re growing fast. As a young company, Sofacompany is mindful that their growth needs to align with their values in a way that keeps providing something unique for their customers.

With an enormous range of styles, colors, and fabrics, as well as top quality service and quality, Sofacompany has finally taken the stress out of buying large furniture and has instead made it fun and easy. And they’re building it o a foundation of strong principles. You get to be comfortable with everything – the brand, the look, and the sofa itself, of course.


     Clockwise, from upper left: Astha sofa, Posh cushions, Ellis sofa, Harpa sofa and Conrad armchair; Ellis chair

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