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Opened in 2017, Satang Thai Bistro, a Thai Select Classic-awarded restaurant, has fast become the kind of place that locals love, even earning a spot on noma’s “recommendation map” that they hand out to patrons. The homey and family-friendly atmosphere, including a courtyard where kids can play while the adults enjoy their meal, is refreshingly relaxed in contrast to the high quality of the food and depth of the menu.

Founders Suppi and Niran, who first met and fell in love in a Danish language class, have created an authentic, fresh, and delicious tribute to their homeland, Thailand. “Satang” is a monetary unit of Thailand, similar to a “cent” or “øre;” it is 1/100th of a baht.

The restaurant’s most popular dish is Pad Thai Hor Kai. The thin omelette that encases the noodles adds a wonderful texture and flavor that Suppi declares makes it something she could eat “every single day.”



Suppi notes that while the recipe is authentically Thai, there are elements she has changed to suit the Danish market. “In Thailand, the proteins would only be shrimp or pork,” she explains, “but Danes like chicken, so we’ve included that in the menu. We can also make it vegetarian with tofu only, and even vegan by taking out the egg.”

The version detailed here is available at Satang Thai Bistro when dining in-house. Due to the delicate nature of the omelette, it is not part of the takeaway menu.

While coming into Satang to enjoy the full experience is a must-do if you’re in Copenhagen, those not in the city can make it for themselves.

Suppi’s advice for home cooks is that it’s usually possible to buy the “pad thai sauce” (a blend of palm sugar, tamarind sauce, and oyster sauce) ready-made. “You can find it in most Asian grocery stores,” she says. She also advises that if you don’t have palm sugar, regular granulated sugar is just fine.

Satang Thai Bistro is a slice of Thailand in Frederiksberg with Suppi and Niran there to ensure every guest feels welcome and gets a wonderful meal.



Ready to make Pad Thai Hor Kai at home? Check out Satang Thai Bistro’s recipe and step-by-step process:

Visit Satang Thai Bistro

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Watch Niran make Pad Thai Hor Kai and follow along!


Pad Thai Hor Kai

(1-2 servings)

What you need to make Pad Thai

Optional: Small bowls for each ingredient


Ingredients for the Pad Thai

60 g water
40 g palm sugar
100 g shrimps
2 eggs
40 g crushed peanuts
30 g canola or other vegetable oil
80 g tamarind sauce
50 g soy sauce
40 g red onions
60 g tofu
150 g bean sprouts
200 g rice noodles



Chilli flakes


Omelette Ingredients

One whisked egg


Pad Thai Hor Kai Step-by-Step

This process should be done quickly, so make sure all ingredients are on-hand before you begin. If you are using tofu, make sure it is fried or cooked beforehand and set aside.



List Marker: Number 1 Put wok on high heat. Pour water into the wok, add palm sugar and mix with the water


List Marker: Number 2Add tamarind sauce and mix together

List Marker: Number 3Add red onions and mix together


List Marker: Number 4Add rice noodles and mix until they are fully coated. Noodles should be soaked in water beforehand, as per instructions on the noodle packet


List Marker: Number 5Add canola oil and mix together. Add shrimp and mix until cooked.



List Marker: Number 6Add soy sauce and mix together

List Marker: Number 7Add tofu (should be fried beforehand)

List Marker: Number 8Add egg, allow to set for a few seconds and then mix

List Marker: Number 9Add bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, and garlic chives and remove from heat.

List Marker: Number 10On a fresh frying pan, add canola oil. Add egg mixture and fry the omelette.


List Marker: Number 11Wrap the Pad Thai mixture in the omelette.



List Marker: Number 12Garnish with chilli flakes and fresh lime juice; add to taste when ready to eat. Enjoy!



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