How to Travel Between Copenhagen and Oslo

Travel between Copenhagen and Oslo doesn’t have to be hard or even expensive. Whether you’re price-conscious, need to get there in a hurry, or want to take in the scenery, there’s a way to go between these capital cities that’s right for you.

Here’s how to travel between Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway, via the fastest, cheapest, or most beautiful routes:

Fastest Travel Route

Flight between Copenhagen and Oslo

Flying between Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH) and Oslo Gardemoen Airport (OSL) is fast and, given how small both airports are, very easy. The flight takes approximately one hour; you’ve barely ascended before the pilot comes over the speaker system to declare the descent. Barely time to read the in-flight magazine!

From Copenhagen central station (København H), it takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the airport by DSB railways, or 20 minutes from Nørreport metro. It’s the same amount of time to get from Oslo central station (Oslo S) to the airport via the Flytoget Airport Express or by NSB railways (the regular train). So you’re looking at 1 hour 40 minutes of transport time, plus at least an hour on either end to get through the airport.

You can fly direct with SAS or Norwegian Air. Typical round trip flights cost between 600 – 1000 DKK (80 – 135 EUR), with occasionally even cheaper rates. You can also fly through London Stansted with Ryan Air.

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Cheapest Travel Route

Train Between Copenhagen and Oslo

The train that runs between Oslo S and København H takes an average of eight hours, not including transfer time at Goteborg Central Station. The train is comfortable, with wifi, charging capabilities and limited snack options. If you can’t fly and need to work during your trip, the train is definitely your best option.

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Bus Between Copenhagen and Oslo

The bus between Copenhagen and Oslo takes between 7.5 – 8.5 hours. There are a number of bus companies that run this route and most are similarly-priced. While the bus drive along the Swedish coast can offer occasionally lovely vistas, this typically isn’t the most comfortable way to travel. But it gets the job done, and you there are some excellent deals on one way or round trip tickets, which can be as low as €19.

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Most Beautiful Travel Route

Oslo to Copenhagen Ferry

The ferry certainly isn’t the quickest way to go between Copenhagen and Oslo, but it sure is beautiful. The DFDS ferry between the two harbors takes around eight hours and is an overnight adventure. It feels a bit like a cruise; one that you can take for a single night! There’s plenty of food and entertainment on-board, including entertainment for young kids. If you feel like a day trip to either Copenhagen or Oslo, the boats go every afternoon and either route can be combined with a six hour tour of the city.

Sailing into both harbors is such a delightful experience; the Oslo Fjord in particular offers an incredible view of the Norwegian forest landscape and the charming city. Prices range from €250 per ticket all the way down to €75, so be sure to check out the DFDS site for deals. Remember that you can bring a bike or car.

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Road Trip Between Copenhagen and Oslo

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Feel like a road trip? It’s possible to drive between Copenhagen and Oslo if you make your way along the south west Swedish coast. The trip will take approximately eight hours without stops; but why not stop and really enjoy the scenery?! A look around charming Swedish cities like Gothenburg, Lund and Helsingborg will make the trip that much more special.

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