Ilse Crawford Designs a New Wishbone Chair Color Palette

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How do you make something classic new again? That’s the question posed to renowned British interior and furniture designer Ilse Crawford, with the latest iteration of the iconic Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner (also known as CH24, or the Y-Stole). The classic shape, the craftsmanship, the quality of the materials; there’s no room for improvement there.

The color, however? That’s something that can always be updated!

It may seem small, but changing the color of a piece of furniture can drastically alter the atmosphere of a room, taking it from minimalist to playful to elegant, or whatever aura you want.

There are nine colors being released this year. The first release is “Pewter,” a pastel grey-blue that’s ideal for spring. Reminiscent of a robin’s egg, the color is both sophisticated and gently whimsical. This first color sets the tone for the rest of the palette, which are all inspired by the beauty of the Nordic landscape, including the earth, plants, and minerals.



“We wanted to develop a range of colors that reflect the times we live in, and we believe these subdued tones will resonate with a contemporary audience.”

“We are inspired by the paintings of Danish artist Per Kirkeby, who beautifully reflects his interest in nature. These are not standard colors governed by the trends of the time, but colors that add depth and complexity to any interior,” explains Ilse Crawford.

By eschewing trends, Crawford speaks to the essential nature of not only colors in interior design, but also the Wishbone Chair itself. Putting a timeless chair in a trendy color can be fun, but it doesn’t allow the essence of the chair to come through. This color palette does just that, while still exploring how these hues work in a room.



“Colors are so closely related to our emotions and our mood and we believe that these subdued tones will help create a warm, relaxed, and natural environment,” says Crawford.

“[Hans J. Wegner’s] first masterpieces were the forerunners of what ended up being an impressive collection of some of the world’s most iconic furniture, and it is a great pleasure to refresh them for a new generation. Ilse Crawford has the ability to bring great insight to any project and make it relevant, and this new color palette has its own cultural history rooted in Nordic abstraction,” notes Carl Hansen & Son’s CEO, Knud Erik Hansen.

With the launch of Pewter, an exciting color palette comes to the Wishbone Chair, bringing together Ilse Crawford’s modern vision with Wegner’s timeless silhouette.



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Wishbone Chair Dimensions

Seat Height: 45 cm (17.72 inches)
Height: 76 cm (29.92 inches)
Depth: 55 cm (21.65 inches)
Width: 51 cm (20.07 inches)

Wishbone Chair Material

Natural paper cord
Solid beech wood
Water-based paint




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Shoot location: Thank you to Miriam & Morten Bak McKenna.

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