Independent Fashion in Copenhagen: SCHULZ BY CROWD Opens Their First Store

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Opening on 22nd January 2020, SCHULZ BY CROWD’s first storefront in Copenhagen is an exciting event for those who love independent fashion brands. Launched in 2015 by Marie Schulz, the brand takes an innovative approach to design.

Instead of having an exclusive design team that creates seasonal collections, SCHULZ BY CROWD “crowdsources” the work, taking designs from over 100 independent designers who submit their pieces via SCHULZ BY CROWD’s platform.

It’s a win for both the brand and the designers, who get their work produced under their own name, under the umbrella of SCHULZ BY CROWD. Marie notes that the storefront actually helps the brand to support designers in new way, saying: “the location gives us an extra platform to sell the designs. It also gives us the opportunity to communicate the story behind the brand, and [the designers] can get their designs out to even more people.”


Their unique approach to design is a foundational aspect of SCHULZ BY CROWD, as is their commitment to sustainability. The brand only produces two collections per year in limited quantities to avoid overproduction. The materials they use are high quality, intended to last a long time and keep their shape over years of wear and washing. They work particularly with GOTS-certified organic cotton and sandwashed silk, materials which are not only durable but look luxurious. The silhouettes are classic – eminently wearable at the office, casual settings, or on a night out – and never trend-based.

The idea is to build a wardrobe of clothes you love; that really feel like you. These aren’t pieces you’ll be wanting to get rid of in a few years. Rather, they’re the foundation of your wardrobe: the items you reach for again and again because they look great and feel comfortable.


Though the brand has been growing for years, opening a physical retail location didn’t feel right until now.

Explains Marie, “I believe we’re mature enough now. We have had some pop-up shops with great success, which gave us the courage to jump into it. I think the combination between our online store and a physical store will work well. It will give us an opportunity to get closer to our customers, as well as the opportunity to express our universe better. It is also important, when selling quality products such as ours, that customers have the opportunity to touch the pieces.”

SCHULZ BY CROWD’s first store is located just steps from shopping, cafes, and Nyhavn, while still tucked into a cosy corner that makes it feel like finding a gem in the city. Copenhagen has its share of large brands peppering the city centre; it’s often the independent brands that are missing from the equation, even in multi-brand stores. SCHULZ BY CROWD brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to the area, with its focus on supporting designers and creating timeless, wearable garments that are responsibly produced.

The shop itself mirrors their mission. The interior was designed by Marie Schulz herself and features as many sustainable fittings as possible. “I fell in love with the look of the shop the first time we saw it, because it suited our universe perfectly. It was in process from October 2019 because some of the things, like the racks, are custom-made. We tried to make the decor of the shop as sustainable as possible by choosing things like organic cotton for the curtains, a vintage countertop, and displays made from recycled plastic, which are by YUME,” explains Marie.

From the clothes to the store itself, SCHULZ BY CROWD has stayed true to promoting what is most important; independent artists’ work and sustainable design.

Come by from January 22nd 2020 to browse the classic silhouettes and playful patterns of SCHULZ BY CROWD.



Lille Strandstræde 18
1254 København K

Opening Hours:
Mon & Tues 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Weds – Fri 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sun Closed

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