Jon Bjarni Hjartarson: Portrait Series

Danish-Icelandic photographer Jon Bjarni Hjartarson is an expert at capturing the essence of a moment. His street portraits have long been one of our favorite ways to see the many faces of Copenhagen and beyond. In this monthly portrait series, we’ll be showcasing one image and the story behind it.

“This is Richardt. He’s starring in a very exciting documentary film project where I am producing still photographs. Richard and four others are going to tell and reflect on the story of the historical people who were institutionalised at the poorhouse in Svendborg. The old buildings of the poorhouse are now turned into a museum depicting social history in Denmark. Being a former poorhouse, it is the perfect framing for telling the stories of how the society dealt with poverty, orphans and people who didn’t fit into society.”

Mamiya Rulle 1.5

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