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Make Family Meal Time Easier with HelloFresh

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Meal times with small kids can get hectic quickly. From the meal planning to the grocery shopping to the cooking to the actual eating, there always seems to be one (if not a few) moments of utter chaos. So why not simplify?

HelloFresh meal boxes offer the chance to streamline much of meal time: now the planning, shopping, and food prep is all done! All you need to do is cook, then eat. Unfortunately, HelloFresh cannot do your dishes for you (apologies).

Associate Professor at RUC Miriam Bak McKenna has three children ages seven and under, and has been using HelloFresh for a few months.

She explains. “It has been so good for us. We don’t have to think about what to make and everything is ready to be cooked. You’re not standing there at 5 o’clock thinking, ‘oh no someone has to organize dinner!’ We are saving so much time. The nightly decision fatigue is gone too.”

In addition to letting you pick the meals that suit your tastes and preferences, you can order your meal boxes to fit the number of people in your family.



Are your kids picky eaters? Then choose the recipes you know they’re likely to actually eat, whether that means pasta dishes, rice dishes, pizza, or (heaven forbid) roasted vegetables.

“Our kids do like the food,” Miriam explains, “Of course it depends – there are some successes and some are less so. There are enough menu options that you will be able to find something that your kids enjoy.”

Copenhagen-based brand consultant Fanny S. Langebæk Gaarmann has two young children (ages 1 and 3,5) and began using HelloFresh just before having her second child. Though she’s tried a number of meal prep and subscription boxes, she has settled on HelloFresh because, “it is the most simple solution while also being the most flexible one.”

She says, “My husband is a chef and works long hours, so on the days I am alone with the kids, I rarely cook any bigger meals. When we’re all home together though, my husband always prepares the meals. The great thing about HelloFresh is that it’s flexible in regards to what you’d like to cook.”

As to what her children enjoy from HelloFresh, Fanny says, “They really enjoy all the pasta meals, not surprisingly! Our oldest have gotten more and more interested in [the process]. That’s really great actually, because even on the days where he doesn’t eat a lot, at least he thinks it’s fun!”

The element of fun for families should not be overlooked; for kids who are already interested in cooking, or those who would like to get their kids more involved, HelloFresh makes the process easy thanks to easy, step-by-step recipes.

Why not make all of dinner time – not just the eating – into a family affair?



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