Marimekko’s Open-Air Show Goes Digital

As a result of COVID restrictions, Marimekko‘s traditional open-air fashion show moved online this year and in doing so became potentially the most inclusive show of 2020.

Since 1992, the sustainable Finnish brand has welcomed the start of the warmer season by hosting an open-air fashion show at the Esplanadi Park in Helsinki. It’s an event beloved by many, as it’s free and open to all. This year, however, the brand decided to move the show to Instagram and asked its followers to walk the digital runway for them.

On Friday 22nd May, fans from around the world filmed themselves wearing Marimekko looks: full and partial; old and new. They received hundreds of submissions from over 10 countries, resulting in a democratic show full of diversity and void of trend – the only season on show was spring itself.

“In these exceptional and uncertain circumstances, we at Marimekko see our mission to bring joy to the everyday lives of people as more meaningful than ever,” said Marimekko president and chief executive officer Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko.

The collective show was exactly that: joyful and full of everyday life. From women mowing the lawn to creating a catwalk moment in their hallway, all in poppy-print dresses, the show served as a reminder that fashion should be fun while the brand reminded us that fashion should serve women – all women.

Take a look through some of the submissions here!

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