Minimalist Packaging We Love: Verso Skincare

For the aesthetically sensitive, skincare products can be a real problem. There are so many good products and…less…good packaging. Luckily, there’s been an explosion of beautiful, recyclable and minimalist packaging of late. The best of these include Verso Skincare, made in (of course) Stockholm, Sweden.

Verso has a range of products that include Retinol 8, a Vitamin A complex that packs eight times the amount of retinol into the same amount of product, making your skincare a skin damage time machine. Their simple 1, 2, 3 packaging makes it easy to keep track of your body needs.

How pretty are these Verso bottles? Take a gander:

Verso Skincare Sweden | Scandinavia Standard
Verso Skincare Minimalist Packaging | Scandinavia StandardVerso Skincare Packaging | Scandinavia Standard


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